Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Do you want to be taken over by IT?

Do you want to be taken over by IT?
One of my favorite books is A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L'Engle.

In her famous book, L'Engle portrays the planet Camazotz as a place where there is complete conformity and security, but no personal freedom.

The heroine, Meg, has a little brother named Charles Wallace who is taken over by IT, the central controller of the dark planet.

In the recent Disney DVD production, Charles Wallace's eyes become red showing he is completely under IT's spell. When his sister tries to rescue him from the planet and IT, he is now only capable of hurting her and evil.

Of course, there is a happy ending, and by telling Charles Wallace she loves him, he snaps out of IT's spell, and his eyes return to normal and the evil planet also snaps out of the evil that controls it.

As I watched that scene where Meg deals with her brother who is taken over by IT, I saw a parallel with JFJ.

Once under JFJ's control, there is complete conformity and security, but no personal freedom. People we love can become evil once they are under JFJ's control. They are not the people or individuals we once knew.

They have been taken over by IT.

So if you are considering joining Jews for Jesus remember that you are putting yourself under more than just control; you will be giving up all personal freedom. You will gain complete security, but at what cost?

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Anonymous said...

One of the ways JFJ operates is to get the "little people" (the ones who are no longer useful or active in the organization) to just be mean. Sometimes the mean streak can be silence or shunning or being too busy when a person needs a friend. Sometimes the mean way of attacking can be saying something hurtful. That seems to be JFJ's way of operating most often. Sometimes rumors are spread through the JFJ grapevine that can hurt an individual's reputation. Soon, the rumors somehow become fact and history is re-written. JFJ always comes back with, "Why didn't that person come to us first? We are innocent of wrong. That person caused this wrong on himself." Yes, IT is in control. Sometimes the individual begins to believe he is in the wrong. IT has taken over, you see. This can be a never-ending circle. The only way to escape from this kind of control is to get away from JFJ and everyone associated! That is not always easy. We've all spent years loving many individuals in that organization, but escape is the only way to free oneself of such control.