Monday, December 12, 2005


The practice of "shunning" of former employees of Jews for Jesus is described at

Another description of shunning is at which says that JFJ shunning included "various levels of cutting off communication with these former members, which have ranged from a complete prohibition against communicating with the person to less extreme forms of cut-off. Often rumors were spread about former members to damage their reputation."

Remember that these are former employees of an organization, not members of a church, that are being shunned, and that current employees are doing the "shunning." This shunning is talked about in some of the ex-Jews for Jesus stories. See, for example, and also

Apparently this unfortunate practice continues. If JFJ is disturbed by accusations that it is a cult, it should discontinue shunning, which is (sociologically speaking) one of the hallmark traits of a cult.

I liked being in Jews For Jesus

Once, Jews For Jesus gave me audiences to speak to. People that were interested in what I had to say. Pretty Christian girls were interested in me, because I worked for Jews For Jesus. Suffering for Christ made me feel noble. I liked that people looked up to me as an expert in Evangelism. I liked having my name on publications that tens of thousands of people read, published and distributed by Jews For Jesus.

But, now I am appalled that during my tenure, in Jews For Jesus, that arrogance was passed down from the leaders. I was taught that Jews For Jesus and its trained workers, knew, better than the rest of the Church, on most matters. It is a shame, that even the Christian world, having a "cool" position, like Missionary, makes you popular, like a football player, in a high school. It is sad to recall that the majority of suffering I endured had more to do with cruel leadership, and little to do with Christ, and the deprivation I endured had more to do with making money for the Organization, than being "a good soldier for Christ." I was not treated with dignity or regard, by Jews For Jesus, though I did receive praise from those who did not fully understand this group, or how I was treated in it.