Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's a bird, it's a'''s....JFJ Super-Missionary!

Look at that van on the freeway.....

It's a bird, it's a plane....''s... JFJ Super-Missionary!

Able to pass out over 600 flyers in 2 two hours, able to recite 13 page scripts in less than 45 minutes, able to write 80 postcards a week, able to lead four people to God in less than 30's true!....its JFJ Super Missionary!

Disguised as a mild-manered Jew who also believes in Jesus, JFJ Super-Missionary is committed to spreading some truth and also the JFJ way.

Friday, April 22, 2005


If you have been reading the newspapers or watching the news on television, you know that John Bolton is President Bush's nominee for the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. And you also know that his nomination is in danger because of reports that he often becomes uncontrollably angry toward his subordinates, has in many cases tried to get them fired for minor annoyances, and in general does not seem to have the temperament for someone that most of us would want for the position of ambassador to the U.N.

Bolton seems to be, in my opinion, a "rage-aholic." And he has his defenders, those who, like President Bush, say that getting angry at a subordinate has nothing to do with one's qualifications for the job of U.N. ambassador. In fact, his defenders say, getting angry is just part of life; all of us get angry at one time or another, and sometimes anger serves a useful purpose. All strong leaders will exhibit this emotion in the heat of the moment. Nothing to be ashamed about, nothing that should deny the man a job.

But most of us, I suspect, realize that exhibiting the kind of anger that Bolton is accused of *is* something to be ashamed of. It's a character flaw, one that can be emotionally and vocationally fatal. It can ruin friendships, mess up marriages, and destroy the self-esteem of children. And it can create an unhealthy atmosphere in the work environment.

What's the connection to Jews for Jesus? Well, if you've read the stories at or the postings on this blog, you know that the Executive Director of Jews for Jesus is also a "rage-aholic." I'm referring to Moishe Rosen primarily, but also to David Brickner (mini-Mo) to a lesser degree (and anyone who aspires to leadership in JFJ). Throwing chairs and pipes and other objects, screaming at subordinates in public and private, firing people on a whim, this is the modus operandi of the Model Jews for Jesus Leader. It's not seen as a bad thing. In fact, it is seen as something that can be used in a manipulative sort of way, to achieve results that might otherwise not be achieved. Instilling fear in others, for one. If your subordinates are scared of you, they will often do whatever you want. It's the modern version of the King who could order a servant to be tortured or killed if they didn't do exactly what he said to do.

And why don't most Christian leaders have a problem with this Jews for Jesus style of management. I suspect that one reason is because many of them subscribe to the same sort of philosophy, or have the same sort of "anger management" tendencies.

When John Bolton gets denied his job at the U.N., maybe he can apply for a job at JFJ.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Sayings of Chairman Moishe

(1) You are not tired, you are bored.

(2) People do not come to your events to hear you people preach!

(3) Someone get me some sushi, NOW!

(4) The Bible says nothing about vacations.

(5) If I hear you say El Dub Dub again, I'll cram your fist down your throat!

(6) Rent in San Francisco is about the same as anywhere else.

(7) Postal cards in Five minutes!

(8) That was a hostile statement. You need to deal with your hostility.

(9) Your desktop is a fire hazard.

(10) There is a principle here for my unbiblical behavior.

(11) You are wrong and here's why....

(12) What did you learn? .... No, what you learned was ....

(13) Most of you are recreational sleepers. You need a lot less sleep than you think.

(14) Get me some sushi. NOW!

(15) Affirmation can act as a de-motivator.

(16) 45 minutes is more than anyone needs for lunch.

(17) There are 2 kinds of workers: lazy and inefficient.

(18) Desktops are not storage space.

(19) Conflicting verbal directives are no excuse for your failure.

(20) Get me some sushi. NOW!

Mind Control

How does Jews for Jesus control minds?

It happens slowly and in subtle ways.

First the innocent person experiences a sense of belonging to a wonderful group of Jewish believers. Jews for Jesus seems the best of the best and the person wants more of Jews for Jesus.

As time passes, the person is convinced that JFJ's methods are the best methods and the words of JFJ leaders are the same as God's words.

Once that happens, the individuals will do anything and agree with anything JFJ says and does.

If one questions what JFJ asks one to do, even if the directive may seem wrong to the individual, somehow JFJ's leaders get the person to see how wrong even questioning is.

What is sad is that friends controlled by the organization can become enemies. Anyone who questions JFJ at all is looked at as a threat and is explained away or fired.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ceil wrote....

Someone in Ex Jews for Jesus received this description of Moishe from Ceil Rosen in 2003. Ceil gave the receiver permission to share what she wrote.

"Moishe is not the monster you may have thought him to be. After being married to him for 52 years, I can tell you that he is not a cruel person. He does not deliberately hurt people. He does have a high sense of what ought to be, especially in the ministry he founded. It's called principles to live by. If he ever wanted "control", it was quality control over a God given ministry, not control over individuals and their lives.

Because of the initial immaturity of the hippie generation of people JFJ began with, Moishe may have acted at times more like a caring father than just an employer, but there was never malice intended. I think he truly loved the staff as though he were their parent, and when he acted as such, it was not always appreciated, and perhaps not always warranted.

Nevertheless, any organization worth its salt must have one CEO who can and does make decisions on how it will be run. In any business or religious organization there can only be one "boss." Employees who don't care to accept that leadership are always free to leave. When a person enrolls in school or enlists in the armed services, that individual is bound to follow the
rules. You can quit school; you can't quit an enlistment in the service, but you don't have to re-enlist if you don't want to! Life is like that, full of commitments (marriage, etc.). "

Editor's note: No comment feature on this one. Just one wife's perspective.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hope of Reconciliation with Jews for Jesus?

Some of us once believed that JFJ would consider apologizing for all the horrible wrongs committed to their former staff and make things right.

God can work miracles, but sometimes it seems ridiculous to believe such a thing could ever happen!

Instead, JFJ insists we individually go to those who abused us within JFJ and explain we believe we have been abused and to work out our hurts privately.

JFJ just did way too many horrible things to get away with a little private "We're sorry."

Some people have never recovered from what JFJ did to them.

If real reconciation is not possible, what can be done to help those who have been abused besides speaking out on this blog?

Every Knock is a Boost

One of the mottos we all learned in JFJ was "Every Knock is a Boost."

That being the slogan of today, let me examine this slogan and see if the saying really lives up to its name.

Here's a example:

You are on Campaign Training and you are exhausted. You had a tract bag grabbed from you somewhere in Chicago and spent the evening at the police station and because you were at the police station, you were unable to study for the quiz that is going to be given first thing in the morning.

So, you go to the Campaign Trainer and ask if there is a chance you may be excused. Well, you not only find out that asking such a question should have not been asked, but you get fined extra postcards for asking. You also are in major trouble because you missed the evening's lecture.

The next morning you show up at the quiz without having any sleep the night before. Well, you don't pass the quiz since you can't remember what you tried to study all night.

Because of your horrible performance on the quiz you are made to stand before the entire Campaign Training Class and you are publicly humiliated for doing so bad on the quiz. You are also humiliated in front of the group because you allowed your tract bag to get grabbed in the first place.

Your punishment will be an all night eight-hour sortie in Grand Central Station the first night of Campaign. You will be allowed soda during the punishment sortie, but you will not be allowed to take bathroom breaks.

Yes, every knock is a boost, you know.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

All this really did happen.....

Someone was falsely accused of being mentally ill when he left JFJ.

Someone was screamed at in a public meeting for yawning.

Someone was fined 25 cents per minute for every person he kept waiting.

Someone was kicked off the Liberated Wailing Wall bus and left alone in a strange city with no money.

Someone and the chair he was sitting in were rolled across the room by a JFJ senior executive.

A young woman, when she was 22, was pulled over to sit on the lap of a JFJ senior executive (he was in his 40s then).

Someone was falsely accused of lying on his evangelistic reports.

Someone was falsely accused of stealing donors.

Someone had rumors spread that he was trying to destroy JFJ.

A woman was made to hand wax a JFJ senior executive's car when she was pregnant.

Someone was falsely accused of taking drugs.

Someone was relieved of duties for psychological stress with no doctor's evaluation.

Someone was falsely accused of drinking.

Someone found Playboy magazines in a JFJ senior executive's desk.

Someone saw a JFJ senior executive in a pornographic chat room.

Someone had a pipe thrown at him by a JFJ senior executive.

Someone saw a JFJ senior executive throw a chair at a staff member.

Someone was recruited to spy on her husband.

Someone's private confession was held as blackmail.

Someone had false rumors spread that he left because he was gay.

Someone had stories told that he had AIDS.

Someone had his new employer contacted to try to get him fired (because the employer did not get a JFJ senior executive's permission before hiring him).

Someone lost her hearing in one ear due to violent slaps in pain training that punctured her ear drum.

Someone's dentist appointment was interrupted and she was sent to hand out tracts with an unfilled hole in her tooth.

Someone had to sign an agreement to not stay in Jewish missions in order to get severance pay.

Someone's marriage was broken up by the group.

Someone had her apartment searched "for things that belonged to the organization" when she left.

Someone was fired because she did not have a JFJ senior executive's approval on the man she wanted to marry.

Someone had to miss his daughter's graduation to attend a "Council" meeting.

Someone was told by a Board member, "Thank you for not suing... because you would surely win. But if you quote me I'll deny I said this." The Board then "officially" reported in the matter that a JFJ senior executive had done nothing wrong.

Someone was told to work harder when she felt suicidal.

Someone had stories fabricated about him that he went to prostitutes.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive that this senior executive had a panty fetish.

Someone confronted a JFJ senior executive with evidence of adultery in the early 1970s.

Someone lost her position when she discovered a JFJ senior executive looking at porn.

Someone was humiliated when his "firing" was publicly announced at a retreat.

Someone left "dishonorably" because he only gave 60 days notice (though his mother died and he left to be with his father).

Someone was accused of "breaking the covenant" for speaking to fellow staff to defend himself of accusations that he went crazy.

Someone was told that nothing he ever did would amount to anything if he left JFJ.

Someone was told be a JFJ senior executive about his girlfriend's sexual appetite and her orgasms.

Someone was not allowed to contact anyone he left through JFJ to tell them he left.

Someone (a young man in his late 20s) was asked by a JFJ senior executive about his wife's sexual satisfaction.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive how to please her husband sexually including suggesting that she greet him in the nude when he returned from a trip.

Someone (a young woman in her 20s) was asked by a JFJ senior executive about her orgasms.

Someone was accused of having his lip cancer spread to his brain to explain why he wanted to leave.

Someone wrote a popular song on her own time for which JFJ has received all the royalties.

Someone, when he left JFJ, had a letter written to his supporters falsely accusing him of sexual impropriety.

Someone was falsely accused of incest with his daughter.

Someone was allowed to only see his wife on weekends during JFJ Campaign and was directed that no sexual relations with his wife were allowed during those weekend visits.

Someone was falsely accused of plotting with the board of another mission to take over when he didn't get to lead JFJ.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive to spank her kids occasionally for no reason just to keep them afraid of her.

Someone had a phone thrown by a JFJ senior executive through his plate glass office divider for being 5 minutes late for a meeting to write postcards to donors.

Someone was not allowed time off to go to their High School Reunion because they'd "already had time off this year to get married."

A well-educated college graduate someone wasn't allowed to go home for Christmas because the supervisor wanted to help the person "build some character."

Saturday, April 09, 2005

JFJ Co-Laborers

In the early 80s, a new program was started with Jews for Jesus called Co-Laborer in Messiah.

The idea was that JFJ needed to get back to the wonderful spirit that was in the original group; that is, a joy about sharing Jesus with anyone and everyone. The staff was so busy with structure, meetings, and goals and it was believed that a volunteer spirit would bring a new dimension to JFJ.

Moishe Rosen was not so sure about the program, but allowed it to be started. I don't remember why he did not believe in it, but I believe he was concerned about controlling volunteers.

So, ever since 1982, JFJ has held yearly one-week CLIM (Co-Laborer in Messiah) training sessions and trained volunteers to set up JFJ Chapters in places where JFJ branches could not be founded.

The training Co-Laborers receive(d) was no where as demanding as JFJ Campaign Training or other training courses, but the training was still difficult. Much information is packed into a short week and the new official JFJ volunteers leave with excitement about Jews for Jesus and also an excitement about being called by God to serve with Jews for Jesus.

The people recruited by JFJ to be CLIMs were/are high-quality people, and usually gentiles. Some are Jewish, but for some reason do not qualify to serve on staff with JFJ or do not wish to.

Co-Laborers generally never faced any abuse from JFJ and loved JFJ. Co-Laborers were aware of the hardships involved with being part of JFJ staff, and tried to help whenever they could. Most never received top status on in the JFJ hierarchy unless they were large donors to JFJ's cause.

I remember one CLIM saying she knew she had "lowly status" on the JFJ totem pole and didn't even feel qualified to witness to Jewish people without JFJ's permission.

Sometimes when someone left JFJ staff, they continued to serve JFJ in a Co-Laborer capacity. Of course, these people could continue do the actual missionary work for JFJ and present the Christ in the Passover presentations in churches for JFJ. Those who JFJ does convince to stay with JFJ as Co-Laborers are former staff who JFJ still has some control over or people that JFJ still has on a leash.

I remember seeing a JFJ organizational chart at CLIM training. Moishe Rosen was at the top and everyone else served under him. A question was asked why Moishe had total control and the answer was, "This is his baby."

At a tour of JFJ Headquarters during a CLIM training the trainees were told to not dare interupt the administrative staff since JFJ workers could not be interupted for an reason. A couple days later a new CLIM went to JFJ Headquarters and the administrative staff was more relaxed and did talk freely. Was it a show put on for the visiting CLIMs a few days before? Maybe JFJ wanted their official voluteers to remember that there was no slacking off in JFJ?

Co-laborers did not deal directly with JFJ, but went through a Coordinator who did a wonderful job of keeping them linked to JFJ and to eachother. This person worked hard. Originally this person was also a Co-Laborer and could work from her home, but Moishe Rosen felt a need to control her, so the CLIM-Coordinator eventually did move to San Francisco.

CLIMs also reported to JFJ once a month. Co-Laborers could be "fired" from volunteering if they failed to submit reports. I always thought the idea of being fired from being a volunteer was rather amusing!

If all JFJ workers had been treated with the kindness that JFJ Co-Laborers experienced, many may have actually enjoyed working for Jews for Jesus.

It's puzzling that one group of people could have a positive experience with JFJ while the majority under JFJ's employ remember fear, abuse, control, and ridicule.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spreading poison

This is a quote from a frequent commenter to this blog:

".......that's a problem with some people here. Some of you think of yourselves as failures and you blame JFJ for making you think that way. Maybe some did have you feeling that way. ....................... But if you're still hanging on to that mindset about yourselves now, then you can't blame JFJ. We all have things we're gifted for and we all have things we just aren't very good at."

Our reply:

JFJ is an organization that evaluates people and their personalities. Churches do not spend time like JFJ does in trying to size people up.

Poisonous rumors about individuals are spread by JFJ. The assumption that some that post here think of themselves as failures is just another method to the way JFJ spreads poison.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Some have commented on this blog that we only post the negative about Moishe Rosen, David Brickner, and Susan Perlman, ( we seem to be relatively silent about the rest, apparently treating them as victims of the system.)

Some have commented that we ignore the positive, or do not see the complex contradictions of Moishe Rosen.

I thought about this, and thought of all the endearing qualities of Moishe, and the strengths of JFJ.

But then I realized, it seemed these were not the ends. Moishe can act nice, but he repeatedly said to the staff that he disdains nice people.

Likewise, it appears his ministry entitles him to do things, that no Christian should be entitled to do, at least with a clear conscience.

So, I began to have the opinion, that his "virtues, and giftedness" was used as a license, to do the most abominable things, thus negating the virtuousness of them.

Do I feel our reporting should be more balanced and fair? His strengths, are interwoven with his unrepentant weaknesses, seemingly excusing him. So I say no, we should not hail him as great though flawed.

I still feel some affection towards him, but this emotion can't blind me from the great wrongs he habitually created, too often excused or overlooked by others, because of his apparent virtuosity.

No one is perfect, but flawed Christians should get better. I was taught the fruit of the Holy Spirit, is repentance, and change. But I never saw change, just entrenchment to protect, and hide, that which should have changed.

I was also taught to discern what a Christian was, who did not change, or grow.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Some have suggested that those of us who were hurt by Jews for Jesus should seek to have these grievances professionally mediated. The idea being that mediation would allow the person who was abused to talk to their abuser in a safe environment, and possibly reach emotional and spiritual closure. I personally don't know of anyone who has engaged in professional mediation with JFJ. I suspect that there are several reasons for this, including:

(1) JFJ might not submit to an arbitration or mediation process, for a variety of reasons. Remember, this is an organization that often shuns people who leave without a "good" reason. The feelings of individuals are not at the top of their priority list. My guess is that Jews for Jesus would avoid arbitration since the outcome is beyond their control. Why arbitrate or mediate when they have an in-house attorney? What is the benefit for them?

(2) Persons who have been hurt by JFJ might not want to submit to this process, fearing that a similar outcome might result (i.e., more hurt and more damage to the individual). In other words, there is a trust issue here.

(3) Who would pay for such a process? I'm sure that professional mediators are not cheap, although they are undoubtedly somewhat less expensive than lawyers.

(4) Is mediation worth the emotional toll that it would probably take on individuals? It would take a great deal of courage and emotional strength to go through this process, especially for someone who has been badly hurt by their involvement with JFJ. But what would result? Surely not a financial settlement, since JFJ would never agree to binding arbitration. Probably not even a sincere apology. The most that one could get from JFJ would probably be something like, "We are sorry that you experienced emotional distress while working for Jews for Jesus." And even that would never become public, since of course JFJ would insist on a confidentiality clause. Nevertheless, I'm sure that there are numerous people who used to work for JFJ who would willingly go through mediation if the financial costs were not too great. But the question is, would JFJ agree to it? My guess is no.

A number of people have written letters to JFJ to express their concern about the abuse that has taken place in the past and may still be taking place today. These letters were written, for the most part, by individuals who experienced abuse while in the employ of JFJ. (In other words, they have first hand knowledge of the abuse). I have seen several of these letters. I have also seen the responses (from Jews for Jesus) to some of these letters. In no case do I remember the responses to these letters ever taking responsibility for the pain that these individuals experienced. Usually the responses were defensive and "blamed the victim." Once in a while a meager apology was offered, something like "I'm sorry that you experienced pain. If anyone hurt you, they should not have done that." Can you see how shallow and empty that kind of response is? It reminds me of Iran-Contra in the 1980s when Reagan or one of his officials said, "Mistakes were made." No ownership of the problem. At any rate, I just can't see why JFJ would engage in mediation with anyone. It is not to their benefit, except in a spiritual sense, and I don't think that is high on their list of priorities.


Remember the TV show GET SMART?

Maxwell Smart was Agent 86 working for CONTROL. (Did you know that Agent 86 meant "Agent OUT OF IT!"?)

The enemy organization was CHAOS.

Max was married to Agent 99 and worked for the CHIEF.

There are some similarities in how many issues in Jews for Jesus were/are done because it seemed like a good idea to CONTROL or there might be CHAOS.

But....CHAOS is sometimes a better thing than CONTROL!

Maybe we should have done all of "the work" under the CONE OF SILENCE!?
(Remember that device? It was the silliest thing where nothing was
discussed or accomplished!)

This is what Jews for Jesus was and still is: the JFJ organization is similar to the CONTROL organization that we watched on TV in the 1960s. There is so much control that nothing is accomplished and nothing changes. Discussing issues regarding abuse with JFJ is like discussing under the CONE OF SILENCE. Also, it doesn't seem like Jews for Jesus is accomplishing all that much in the field of evangelism.