Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jackie Mason's Schmucks

Jackie Mason has a brilliant new book out, Schmucks

Guess who gets an honorable mention?

Jackie Mason, humorist, Comedian and winner for his one man Broadway show "The World According to Me", takes on this challenge of pointing out the "Schmucks" of the world in this abridged CD.

In some ways, this seem like an updating of some of "World". He takes on such Schmucks like Bill & Hillary Clinton, Jews for Jesus, Madonna and France with his pointed humor. His wit is razor sharp and so are some of the points he takes on.

You know, as a conservative fellow, Jackie has deep respect for Christians and their values. What he objects to is Jews for Jesus' unauthorized use of his likeness which implied that Jackie was a Christian and possibly associated with Jews for Jesus.

One can imagine his irritation at Susan Perlman's glib response to Mr. Mason's objection:

Susan Perlman, a spokeswoman for Jews for Jesus, said the pamphlet was "good-natured."

"Shame on him for getting so upset about this," she said Friday.

Now Jackie Mason enjoys the last word.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Generation Passes

What does it say about an organization where there is a growing two-tier stratification - a dedicated core of aging leaders and an ever rotating group of entry level staff?

It can be interpreted in many ways. In the case of Jews for Jesus, another emerging generation of potential leaders is moving on. A couple of recent resignations of mid-level leaders has widened the gap of the executive staff and the young missionaries which serve with Jews for Jesus.

Their departure can be for any number of reasons and on the best of terms. But is it healthy?

The executive staff is insular and intellectually inbred in the image of their founder, Moishe Rosen. Authority is preciously guarded. New blood could serve to reinvigorate the culture and foster the openness that Jews for Jesus so desperately needs.