Monday, November 29, 2010

Divorce Doesn't Matter In Jews for Jesus?

The Jews for Jesus Workers Covenant used to say that that vocational staff could NOT stay on Jews for Jesus staff if divorce occurred. It didn't matter who was at fault. The person had to resign.

Not anymore.

David Brickner is staying on as Executive Director of Jews for Jesus anyway.

We've learned that some of Jews for Jesus' staff have left the organization because of this decision. They say they can no longer support the organization's leadership.

Moishe Rosen would have probably insisted that David resign.

Has Jews for Jesus credibility changed in your eyes because of this decision?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Press Release: Book About How Jews for Jesus Affected Lives to Be Published

An offer has recently come up for a book to be published as an anthropological study of how Jews for Jesus affected individual lives. A real publisher would publish the project.

There would even be stories about people that are still with Jews for Jesus!

The book would tell the facts and also talk about those who maybe at first were on bad terms with Jews for Jesus after leaving or later, but eventually made peace with the organization. In other words, the book would tell all sides of a story that should be told. Real names don't have to be used, but could be used by those who want to grant permission for their names to be used.

Those who have already written stories about their experience with Jews for Jesus want their stories to be told. It is a shame that they've just sat in a pdf file for the past 8 years.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Christianity Today - "Remembering Moishe Rosen"

Ruth Tucker, the author of Not Ashamed: The Story of Jews for Jesus, has written a very honest account about Moishe Rosen and Jews for Jesus. We know first hand that Jews for Jesus did not like this article and asked Christianity Today to remove some of what is included in the piece.