Monday, December 12, 2005

I liked being in Jews For Jesus

Once, Jews For Jesus gave me audiences to speak to. People that were interested in what I had to say. Pretty Christian girls were interested in me, because I worked for Jews For Jesus. Suffering for Christ made me feel noble. I liked that people looked up to me as an expert in Evangelism. I liked having my name on publications that tens of thousands of people read, published and distributed by Jews For Jesus.

But, now I am appalled that during my tenure, in Jews For Jesus, that arrogance was passed down from the leaders. I was taught that Jews For Jesus and its trained workers, knew, better than the rest of the Church, on most matters. It is a shame, that even the Christian world, having a "cool" position, like Missionary, makes you popular, like a football player, in a high school. It is sad to recall that the majority of suffering I endured had more to do with cruel leadership, and little to do with Christ, and the deprivation I endured had more to do with making money for the Organization, than being "a good soldier for Christ." I was not treated with dignity or regard, by Jews For Jesus, though I did receive praise from those who did not fully understand this group, or how I was treated in it.


Anonymous said...

A year after I left JFJ, I went to an Ingathering.

One of my former contacts approached me and told me how much I'd impacted his life.

When I told him I was no longer a missionary with JFJ, he backed away with almost an attitude of horror!

How could someone he admired so much leave JFJ? I was no longer treated with respect by this person.

Anonymous said...

When a company isn't really interested in winning people to Jesus, they would use a mission statement where it wasn't required. And since Jews for Jesus does a great job at fulfilling its mission statement and does a poor job of evangelism, the outsider of this closed corporation can conclude that "unavoidable issue" and "gospel presentation" don't mean the same.

Advertising is all that is need if one only was to make Jesus' Messiahship an unavoidable issue. This is what Jews for Jesus does, advertises Jesus' Messiahship.

If Jews for Jesus wanted to lead people to faith, then one would hope they could do better than the 0 to 5 per employee. With no one winning 8 Jews in 12 months and those who have been in the organization the longest usually bring the fewest to Jesus, Jews for Jesus would have to explain these numbers to their donors.

Being a closed corporation who has 35 year of experience, Jews for Jesus have become experts at dodging questions about

1. How many Jews they actually win.
2. How far they have to drive to find donors and
3. Why churches in the shadow of their branch offices don't look them to partner with for the cause of Jewish evangelism.

As advertisers, they can simply sell their books after giving a sermon they like calling a presentation at some far away church. Since advertising is soooo expensive, it is no wonder that Messianic congregations can win more for less money. But their "in your face" style of advertising does well at grabbing headlines as well as checks from old ladies hundreds of miles who like the appearance of the gospel winning someones heart. The dirty little secret is Jews for Jesus knows that congregations aren't very likely to ask for information not give by Jews for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I find it very ironic that with experience or years at Jews for Jesus, the less evangelical the person becomes.

Imagine a sales force where the person walking into the company has the advantage over the person who has been around for 10 + years. Name another company where the rookie with less product knowledge, negotiation skills and no established relationships can consistant out preform a person who claims to have more product knowledge, negotiation skills and established relationships.

With any other company, the response would be: "That is impossible." Through the training that jfj provides, they consistently raising up leaders who do the impossible....let the rookies consistantly out preform them.

Anonymous said...

'Tis true, 'tis true.

Anonymous said...

After my time with Jews for Jesus, I am no longer an evangelical

Anonymous said...

You may not be an evangelical, but if you got out of Jews for Jesus with faith in God, you have something that many who were chewed up and spit out by them do not have.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Pacht has left Paris to head up the organization's UK effort. Does anyone know what happened to Eric "Joseph" Steinberg (a church of england minister and who was David Brickner's "golden boy") brought in at a senior level to head up that very work?