Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern

Nina W. Brown has written a new book entitled Coping with Infuriating, Mean, Critical People: The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern. In it she describes a pattern of behavior which I believe is rampant in Jews for Jesus corporate culture (especially among the leaders of JFJ). I quote from page 3 of the book:

"Constantly makes comments to or about you that are devaluing or demeaning."

"Interactions with this person generally leave you angry, upset, hurt, or resentful."

"You, and others, seemingly have to give their desires, wishes, and needs a lot of attention, care, and priority."

"The relationship began on a high note, you were charmed, but now you cannot do anything to please him or her no matter how hard you try."

"The person cannot be trusted to give accurate information, and frequently lies, distorts, and misleads."

"Demands understanding from you, but gives none in return."

"Uses or takes your possessions without permission and/or fails to return them."

Brown calls these behaviors a "Destructive Narcissistic Pattern (DNP)." Does this pattern sound to familiar to anyone who has worked in JFJ? I'll write more about this in the coming days.

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