Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Generation Passes

What does it say about an organization where there is a growing two-tier stratification - a dedicated core of aging leaders and an ever rotating group of entry level staff?

It can be interpreted in many ways. In the case of Jews for Jesus, another emerging generation of potential leaders is moving on. A couple of recent resignations of mid-level leaders has widened the gap of the executive staff and the young missionaries which serve with Jews for Jesus.

Their departure can be for any number of reasons and on the best of terms. But is it healthy?

The executive staff is insular and intellectually inbred in the image of their founder, Moishe Rosen. Authority is preciously guarded. New blood could serve to reinvigorate the culture and foster the openness that Jews for Jesus so desperately needs.


David Ben-Burut said...

Hi all, if i may make a semantic suggestion for your blog, i recently saw a link to this site from my myspace, and i read it as such
ex jews, for JESUS!...i suggest you change your name to
ex-"jews for jesus" to clear up that issue. the ambiguity is probably not something that you want...just a thought. take care.
David Ben-Burut.

Anonymous said...

Would that explain the stream of epithets we received in the e-mailbox? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who recently resigned and will they join this group?

Anonymous said...

The identity of people who join our group remain confidential.

Phil said...

David b-burut-your semantic concerns are nonsense and trivial.

That being said, after reading a few of the ex-JFJ's stories (Aaron's was certainly detailed enough), I got the gist of it.

Admittedly, after doing the JFJ search, reading their stuff and then going back to read yours, I was initially dismayed. But I came to the conclusion which should be obvious to all who have read the Truth-None of this is surprising or unexpected.

Every time a church becomes a large organization with levels of hierarchy, obsessing on money and routinely condemning they are in trouble. It is unbiblical and has been going on since the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church. It's happening today with some of the big televangelists e.g. most recently Ted Haggard. It's unfortunate (and this isn't a strong enough word) because many people see this behavior and say to themselves "I don't want any part of that".

Aaron does what so many do-pick out a few passages from the NT and drop them in to make their case. The NT is about 500 pages with many words. Too many pick at a few and turn on a perceived discrepancy and throw it all out. This is clearly not seeing "the forest for the trees".

I could go on and refute with Bible passages but I won't. If you want to see real or "good" Christians at work in the world you must dig thru the inane headlines and look for the real stuff. We are instructed to do our good works humbly and as anonymously as possible. Therefore, you won't see us out there seeking publicity. There is a link I will post, if anyone is interested, that will take you to an underreported story from Turkey around the time of the VA Tech shootings that will give you an idea.

If you want a Bible passage that sums it up for me personally, read John 10:25-30.

Anonymous said...

One generation passes...
My thoughts on this is that the older generation, down to about uhhhh Steven Katz, makes a ton of moolah. There are people in the younger generation surviving on food stamps! I'm not exaggerating either. People who have served less than ten years are living in hovels, while the older generation have JFJ cars and nice expensive homes. That's why there is a revolving door of the younger ones. They haven't yet been bought, exactly. But they're being worked to death as usual (48 hour minimum weeks and weekly log that is perused to the finest detail)