Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Divorce is not allowed in the Workers Covenant

There is a rumor that a divorce within Jews for Jesus may happen soon. Will the organization crumble if this particular divorce goes through?

From the Worker's Covenant:
"In the event through unscriptural divorce, the covenant worker must offer his resignation."


Ashkuff said...

So why, exactly, would a divorce cause Jews For Jesus to crumble? I mean, I'm sure it's against doctrine but most institutions (religious or otherwise) usually have conventions in place for "bending the rules" here and there.

Just wondering.

I ventured to New York for the Fourth of July, and watched a Jew For Jesus liken Queen Elizabeth to God. I put together a short photo essay about it;

Anonymous said...

Jews for Jesus Executive Director David Bricker is divorcing. It will be talked about in the August 2010 newsletter. His wife is divorcing him. Of course, there's no secret of their marital problems going back a decade or more.

The suspicion, however, is that this is a forced situation, because the newest version of the illegal "Worker's Covenant" (known as a Contract of Adhesion that is unenforceable under Common Law), was rewritten by David HIMSELF to allow for a Divorced person to stay on staff if their significant other starts the process.

Looks fishy to me...

Anonymous said...

My greatest concern is that using damage control, JFJ will convince it's sheeplike missionaries/workers that it was all Mrs. Brickner's fault, that she was backslidden and unsupportive of the important work they are doing. A message to wives: this could be you if you don't drink the Kool-Aid. David told her he would go to counseling or step down, but of course, would he really step down and Prove his sincerity. No of course not. He can't quit his lucrative career on a gamble that she would take him back if he were to make her his cherished wife again. Or cancel his speaking gigs to take her out on a date. I think she just got to the point where she wanted out, even though the money was good.

Anonymous said...

Will David Brickner, the divorced Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, extend apologies to all the staff who have lost their jobs on account of their spouse divorcing them and offer them reinstatement and back pay?
What about the wives and children who were cast out on account of the husband/father divorcing? Will those innocent victims continue to be shunned, or will this double-dealing, double-standard organization extend apologies and compensation for the financial and emotional acts of abuse they inflicted.
One wonders how the few decent, upstanding Christian employees feel of their executive director being given this pass to keep his job, or how they feel about the blame being put 100% on Patti?