Saturday, August 27, 2005

Prostitute of Jews for Jesus

MANY MANY former Liberated Wailing Wall members who have communicated about their negative experiences in JFJ (called by David Brickner and Moishe Rosen a "microcosm of the larger organization of Jews for Jesus"), refer to the Liberated Wailing Wall as "The Jews for Jesus Prostitute" and themselves as having been "prostitutes" for Jews for Jesus, because of the sleepless and completely spiritually void schedule with one week off in 18 months and one day off a week.

When asked why the Liberated Wailing Wall (LWW) gets so little time off, David Brickner's pat response was always, "It costs too much money to keep the team on the road to give them more than one day off per week."

It is also well known in Jews for Jesus that the LWW makes very little front end money by singing in churches. Most of the income comes in the form of "residual giving," which means people continue to give for years after an initial concert.

The residual income amount is in the millions of dollars per year.

That is why the LWW is called "the Prostitute of Jews for Jesus."

Jews for Jesus leadership doesn't care how spiritually bankrupt the LWW team members become during their 18 months of "Prostitution." They only care about the names, addresses and phone numbers they collect to continue fund raising for JFJ.

Do the research yourself. Interview a few different music professionals or semi-professional bands, booking agents, or managers. Ask them what, in their professional experience, is the longest a music group should be on a tour.

Those I've spoken to about LWW's 18-month tours are disgusted by the unprofessional prostitution of poor young people who don't know they are being used and abused by Jews for Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Why, in the middle of a LWW tour, has the leader of the Liberated Wailing Wall suddenly been sent to Los Angeles to do missionary work?