Tuesday, August 23, 2005


JFJ is simply unbalanced. They insist that their employees focus completely on the organization without regard to the needs of their families or their own personal needs.

For a healthy alternative to this unbalanced approach, see
http://www.tikkunministries.org/newsletters/es-aug05.asp (especially the section on Burnout). If only JFJ would acknowledge that overworking their employees is unhealthy for everyone. Spouses and children often suffer the most in these situations.


Anonymous said...

To characterize JfJ as "simply unbalanced" is to overlook the physical, social, economic, and spiritual harm they do and have done to their employees and ex-employees.
One could say their level of high demand and lack of boundaries is unbalanced (as is the case with many for-profit corporations); but JfJ intertwines work with spirituality, creating and manipulating a different level of power over people.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that they throw people out to the wolves and then claim they are the victim