Sunday, October 02, 2005


Terror and dread.

My life in jews for jesus was one of regular terror. Never knowing which innocuous action was going to bring down the dreaded yelling, or public humiliation. Or worse, yet, an off hand remark, or the unforgivable action, that will keep you from that promotion, that desired assignment, or pay raise, and inevitably thrown back in your face for years.

In the corporate world, one would have objective job evaluations, based on objective, attainable criteria. In JFJ: Good enough was never enough. And those who excelled, seem to be knocked down a few pegs, so they would not get a "swelled head." But the offenses bringing on wrath seemed quite random, difficult for new staff to anticipate. The offense would not be dereliction of duty, often, but not being able to read the mind of Moishe Rosen. And if you did not follow an unwritten, or yet to be made up rule:You might be publicly ridiculed, for the effect of spreading the word, that there was a new unwritten rule.

It seemed there were whipping boys in JFJ who were more naive, and seemed to walk into these quicksand traps sprung by the leadership. Those who began to sense a trap, a "tests" coming up, had a less grueling time in JFJ. But getting the brunt of the random "object lesson", or viewing it, (and being so relieved it was not you,) caused an atmosphere of absolute terror. You never knew when these, spot checks, tests of reactions, or random tirades, were going to happen to you. You lived in constant vigilance, and dread. TERROR!

Somebody who has not been in an abusive family, alchoholic family, or cult could not think that the word terror or dread are appropriate. But in Jews For Jesus, all staff is overworked, overstressed, isolated, indoctrinated,and sleep deprived. Losing your perspective of right and wrong, appropriate and inapropriate was just a matter of time. Your whole world revolved around Jews For Jesus, and you did not want that world in a upheavel. So when a man with the charisma of a Jesse Jackson lashes out at YOU. There is nothing left in your world to give you the assurance to say"Why be bothered? This guy is crazy, and God loves me." You are crushed, and humiliated, and you will do ANYTHING, EVERYTHING you can to make sure it NEVER happens again. Just the way the executive intended.

You couldn't even talk to an objective person, because it would break an unwritten, and later written rule against speaking ill of JFJ, or relating anything not public about JFJ. So your parent, college friend, pastor, could not tell you how ludicrous an occurence was. There was no objectivity, only isolation among others, who are also afraid to be seen as disloyal (critical of any the executive director does.)

Jews for Jesus mastered the "art of terror to motivate." They used the stick, and the stick that looked like a carrot. Stalin used terror to control his people in the Soviet Union. Saddam Hussein studied and copied Stalin's tactics in Iraq, with the same effect, his people were to afraid to talk to their neighbor's about opposing Saddam Hussein. Now, I do not say that Moishe Rosen, and David Brickner are the same as Stalin. Stalin killed millions of his own citizens, many innocent ones, randomly, to create an atmospere of terror. They just create an atmosphere of terror, and would humiliate, yell with firocity, fine, demoralize, to control absolutely. They have only ruined hundreds of lives. Not an equal comparison, but the same techniques.

I was terrified of Moishe for years after I left Jews for Jesus. His imposing presence I guess intimadated me, even when he seemingly had no place in my life. Not unlike a father, who lives in the back of a grown child's mind, in my mind he had grown into an adopted warped, father figure. This I believe was not hapenstance, but Moishe was trying to be the father-figure, for us all. Again, to control.

I confess, that terror of Moishe continued until he was quite ill. Only then, when he was getting feeble, did I have the courage to think of speaking the truth. I began to speak candidly to my post Jews For Jesus friends, and finally told them about my stories, and opinions, and experiences, in Jews For Jesus. For, now I can act like a free man, and I can speak my mind, but not free from dread. I post this anonomously because I still dread the inevitable retribution that placing my name with this post will have. Those who do speak out receive this retribution as a "lesson" to those still in JFJ and exJFJ to stay quiet. If not you, then a relative.

Once we were slaves but now we are free. Only this "Pharoah" still has "chariots", so we have to be careful.

Pity us if you like. But Stalin was not a happy man. Saddam Hussein was not a happy man. They were pitiful men, obsessed with power, paranoid. They could never truly be happy and relaxed, with the people around them, because they trusted no one.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent post. My experiences were very similar to your regarding the climate of fear.

What makes me sad now is that there are so many apologists for JFJ who would lash out at you for your "un-Christian" actions against JFJ.

To them, this experience was your own fault. You knew what you were getting into. You could have left anytime.

To those people, Moishe and David are God's annointed and you only seek to persecute their evangelistic work.

Does it ever occur to them that the leaders of Jews for Jesus have shot themselves in the foot with their culture of power and fear?

That's sad.

Anonymous said...


Moishe was very open about his tactics--he believed fear and power were "biblical" motivation tools.

Anonymous said...


I feel your post-cult experiences might be helped by Jews For Jesus, in the field the missionaries have a breadth of experience. But then they would use you like your cult did, to influence that seminary professor, and fellow seminarians to be supportive (for future monies and influence), and you in you future ministry. But if you are not Jewish they may refer you, to some other agency. The majority of ministry oppurtunities I received when i was a missionary on staff with Jews For Jesus, I was prohibitted from ministering to, because of strict rules, of when, whom, where, and how long, I may minister.

Anonymous said...


What is your need? Do you need a warm nurturing environment? Don't go.

Do you need to see the difference between the work of a church and how it differs from a cult-ish style corporation, go.

Jews for Jesus is very concerned about public opinion being a donation based organization. So you won't witness the real Jews for Jesus. Noone is going to be thrown out of a chair or throw a phone out the window as has been done with just staff present. They want you to report back to the seminary what a great place this is.

If you decide to go, ask a great number of questions. Can I go on a "Sortie" and passout "broadsides" with you? What gospel presentation do you use? Can I have a copy? What churches are currently using your gospel presentation? Can you plot what happens after someone gets saved? How much follow up does Jews for Jesus do with Jew? With Gentiles? Can I get the names of the 3 churches where the people saved by JFJ now go? Can I talk to the pastor these churches?

Be the investigative reporter going in not believing what this blog site says and not believing what JFJ says. You only want first hand information or don't accept it.

If you are emotionally up to it, this will be a good experience.

Anonymous said...

Fear of Man.

That is what Jews for Jesus instilled in me. Fear of Man.

Not Fear of God.

To this day I have trouble answering a telephone, because during my time in Jews for Jesus I was required to always answer my home telephone and (like all the other staff) wasn't allowed to use an answering machine when I was at home.

Most of the time when I answered the phone it was my boss chewing me out for something that was honestly petty and silly.

So, today I still deal with Fear of Man, because of what they put me through on a daily basis.

They terrorized me, and they still terrorize my friends who still work for them.

Anonymous said...

If you can go to Jews for Jesus with an open mind then by all means please go. However, if you even half believe the lies and exagerations posted on this blog site, don't bother.

Terror? Saddam? Stalin?

Listen, this mission organization was founded by people who had vision and the courage of their convictions and the love for their Lord and Moshiach Yeshua and their willingness to step out of their comfort zone to proclaim Him to their own and to the nations. They made mistakes in the process, there were abuses by some, but God bless them for in spite of the human weaknesses we all must bear, some more than others, they carry on. You won't find terror or hatred at Jews for Jesus, but you will find it here.

However, I'm sure you'll never read this particular posting, will she fellas?

Terror? Oh dear sweet Lord! I watched people jump out of the World Trade Center....that's TERROR!

I dare you to print this.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with printing something from Jews for Jesus apologists and current staff.

More often than not, it reveals how unwilling the current Jews for Jesus leadeership is to real reconciliation and facing with honesty and humilty those who have been grossly harmed and maligned by them.

Anonymous said...

Just as a battered wife often continues to be battered through the legal systems and social systems that they share in common with their former baterer, so we former Jews for Jesus staff continue to be maligned and terrorized by those who previously hurt us.

Our only aim with the ex-Jews for Jesus blog is helping Jews for Jesus leadership come to terms with their Crimes against their fellows and make proper changes within the organization to assure that such Crimes will become a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

kate, if you have an interest in the anticult movement, why would you want to go to one of the most successful "christian" cults of our time? there are some good references available. i think there are links on the site. you can also send emails to the owners of that site, and they ought to be able to help you get connected so you can get the information you need.

Anonymous said...

I am not currently on staff for Jews for Jesus nor have I have been battered by them. I have had negative experiences with them the first time I was on staff...the second experience on staff with them was much different as they were much different and so was I.

Jews for Jesus is not a cult nor is the purpose of this blog to help heal people who have had crimes perpetrated on them by Jews for Jesus. Have some people here been hurt by some people at Jews for Jesus in the past? Yes. Many have been stewing in their pain for many, many years and instead of dealing with this biblically, they have chosen to hang on to their resentments and there are some who have vowed to bring Jews for Jesus down. That is the purpose of this web site.

Again, if you keep reading the postings here...and go back into the archives, I have no doubt you will see for yourself that the only hatred, bitterness and terror you will see perpetrated on a constant basis is coming out of the people on this blog. Not from Jews for Jesus.

I am pleasantly surprised to see that my posting my printed for you see most of my postings were censored and/or removed.

Again, Jews for Jesus is in no way a cult. Everyone who is employed with Jews for Jesus knows exactly what this organization expects of them and quite frankly it ain't all that easy getting a job with them. It is intense and difficult, it's stressful, and it was the best experience of my life.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this comment:

"Terror? Oh dear sweet Lord! I watched people jump out of the World Trade Center....that's TERROR!"

A friend of mine told me her son was in the World Trade Center on September 11. Fortunately, he was not killed. She describes his description of people running and running and running as if the world was ending. I am sorry to hear that you saw people jump out of the World Trade Center. No, the fear we experienced in JFJ does not compare with that kind of terror.

I don't quite know what to say, but I wanted to say something. Until I saw your comment, I had thought I'd quit this blog, but now, I realize the word "terror" has many meanings and this blog must continue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, person who belittles us, you crystalized the resolve of an "ex" to continue to speak what they know and have experienced.

Anonymous said...

An an above commenter said: "they have chosen to hang on to their resentments and there are some who have vowed to bring Jews for Jesus down"

This is a classic example of a Saul Alinsky technique from "Rules for Radicals", which is the primary book upon which principles and actions of Jews for Jesus leadership are determined.

The above quotation is an example of "polarization" as defined by Alinsky.

No one involved with this Blog Site wants to "bring Jews for Jesus down."

This is a quality example akin to Nazi (and Palestinian) propaganda against Jews and others who spoke/speak out against them.

Anonymous said...

Jews for Jesus, successful???

At what?

Passing out flyers? Yes.

Creating inflamitory slogans like: Be more Jewish, believe in Jesus? Yes.

Actually leading Jews to Jesus? No. Less than 3 Jews won per year per missionary.

Getting Gentiles to repeat a prayer? Yes.

Getting 5% of those who prayed to church, No. Jews for Jesus doesn't allow Gentiles to go to their Bible Studies nor do they have any arrangements to allow Gentile pastors to lead those following up on flyers.

Teaching those in the Heartland about the need for Jewish Evangelism? Yes.

Teaching those who live in Jewish community how to teach their neighbors how to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah? No.

So I guess it depends on what you call success. Let's put it this way, if the standards from churches for evangelists and missionaries where applied to the employees of this parachurch organization, Jews for Jesus would have a difficult time measuring up.

Anonymous said...

So, you've replaced the title of my so-called blog from "ArleenandJFJ" to "Remove this link or I will report you to Yahoo" which of course, is much more dramatic.

So tell me, who's the stalker? You courageous(?) people who supposedly have the guts to 'expose' Jews for Jesus (all done anonymously of course, for fear of being stalked by the 'terrorists' Jews for Jesus)? Or, Jews for Jesus who have no problem identifying themselves or have any interest (much to your dismay) in bothering you?

I want my so-called blog off. I've totally run out of patience although I'm glad you've done this as it shows just how desperate you really are to continue with your lies and exagerations.

I know the names of many of the people in this blog site and exJFJ site. If you keep that blog you set up in my name in any way, shape or fashion I promise you I will name all that I know. It's time YOU stopped the viscious slander and time for anyone who comes into this site know exactly who is responsible for it.

I tried to keep this personal by emailing you guys personally, but obviously you don't honor so-called deals.

Arleen Getzel*
(people with NOTHING to hide, hide nothing)

Anonymous said...

The JFJ representative (above -- Arleen) shows that JFJ uses threats to get results.

Anonymous said...

People from JFJ consistantly confuse action with evangelism. I will freely admit that they work harder at passing our flyers than any of the other groups I have seen. During their Summer Campaigns they are extremely dedicated working passing out over a million flyers, "saving" over 2,000 Gentiles and upto 250 Jews. Quite a feat for 50 people total....which means what is being down is either a break through in evangelism or a fraud.

What is the probability that if you contacted 1,000,000 people, you could get 2,000 to repeat a few words? I am sure that since Jews for Jesus collects people's personal information before it can be counted, Jews for Jesus would love to tell us how those 2,000 new Gentile brothers in the Lord are doing....or at least point a curious pastor to the handful of churches where they are now members.

Arleen, can you tell me what percent of the people who JFJ says they save actually visit a church? If you allow more than 5 minutes to tell someone who Jesus is, answer their questions, pray and take down their information, I think you will find more success with 95% + who yield to the high pressure tactics.

Anonymous said...

I never felt that perfect was good enough when I worked with Jews For Jesus

Anonymous said...

Perfect was never good enough when working for Jews for Jesus.

If something you did was perfect, then they would criticize something about your character.

It was like living in terror, daily with your worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

As a former staff member, I just want to say that the root posting of this string of comments is very reflective of my experience as well. Perhaps "terror" seems to be an inflated word, but I was terrified of Moishe as well, and he was open about his philosophy of using anger to manage people. He directed his underlings that they were supposed to get angry and show anger when they felt someone had not obeyed one of their directives.

The atmosphere of fear, of not knowing who you could trust, if anyone, was very real, and in kind, if not in dimension, reminiscent of Stalinist Russia, as the poster alleged.

Sadly, this was an accurate posting.

Anonymous said...

Did Jews for Jesus actually use an advertising slogan, "Be More Jewish, Believe in Jesus"?

If they did, does anyone know how this triumphalistic message was received by the adherents of Judaism?

Since Jesus gave directions that his followers were to do what the rabbis said, wouldn't it be more accurate use, "Be More Christian, Convert to Judaism"?

Anonymous said...

Yes. They did use that advertising slogan. Yes. It was offensive and not received well.

Anonymous said...

If Moishe and Jews for Jesus evoked such terror can you tell me why people, when they are troubled or in trouble go back to them years later for comforting and prayer? I'll give you a hint. It's not Moishe's mind you need to read, it's his heart which is huge and by the way, he is in no way feeble. People remember that about him too and are drawn to him for that reason. So-called enemies keep going back to him and those at Jews for Jesus for help and comfort. That's because they evoked so much terror. lol.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the numbers of people who left JFJ and returned to Moishe for prayer and comfort is similar to the figures given of Jews and Gentiles who profess faith during summer evangelism campaigns. I've been out for years and, believe me, I would never think of turning to Moishe for prayer or comfort. I do pray for him though - May God have mercy on him.