Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is Jews For Jesus Persecuted? The Google Lawsuit

If you've been following the Jews for Jesus lawsuit against Google, you may find this development interesting.

Over at, an unrelated but similar site, "Whistle Blower" discusses Jews For Jesus' justification for their lawsuit. "Whistle Blower" points us to an article on JfJ's RealTime site. This quote struck me particularly hard.

"We view this as a spiritual attack coming at a sensitive time in our ministry.
We are headed into our largest evangelistic campaign ever this summer. I guess
it's "par for the course" that we find some of our energy and resources being
tapped. I am sure that Satan as well as our earthly opponents would like to
discourage us just as they would like to see our trademark misused by others to
spread negativity, lies and confusion under our name—a name that exists to make
the name of Jesus known"

You see, this "hostilty" is not a consequence of JFJ's destructive culture. No, it's spiritual warfare. It is a convenient way to pass off taking personal responsibility for misdeeds and paint themselves as the victim.

Many former staff of Jews for Jesus can attest to the ministry's abusive nature.

If you are reading this and are Christian, please ask yourself why this particular ministry has so many "enemies" from within its own ranks?

Christians are persecuted in this world. It was stated plainly by Jesus Himself. But note this difference; Dr. Dobson is vilified primarly from non-believers who disagree strongly with his message. Jews For Jesus, on the other hand, is receiving their negativity from former staff, many of whom are still Christian.



Anonymous said...

I don't want to nitpick, but Dobson wasn't the best analogy. Dobson's message--beyond his advice for parents--is political and a growing number of spiritual progessives can't stand him or his message. Otherwise, good post.

Anonymous said...

Since Dobson is a conservative, I can understand why anyone feeling they have received a new enlightment would feel uncomfortable with anyone challenging their position they feel lead to challenge those who are like Dobson. The real question is if those claiming to have made such a progression to actually make progress in more ways than just in name. Wanting to be an elitist as the name they chose to represent themselves indicates is opposite of having the humility that advances in spiritually would require.

Anonymous said...

I note that Whistleblower's blog no longer has anything posted on it. Further, under the profile Whistleblower now has a hyperlink reading "Outed By Yahoo," which doesn't lead anywhere. What gives? Did JFJ find a way to shut him down? And why aren't you guys making any new postings anymore?

Anonymous said...

The Jews for Jesus blog is gone ... the ex-Jews for Jesus blog hasn't had anything new in months. What happened to the courage of your convictions, guys? You seem fairly convinced that there are people out there who need to hear about what Jews for Jesus is really like, but now you've fallen silent. Please tell me that you're not just a lot of talk and a lot of hot air?

Anonymous said...

Whistleblower's blog now seems to have been taken over by Jews for Jesus, which probably means they won the suit. So much for all the grandiose talk on this Ex-Jews for Jesus blog ... I guess you guys really are just full of hot air.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is true. But, it could also be said, of the opposing religion. Fear, can prevent the acceptance of things that we do not, or do not want to, understand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is true. But, it could also be said of the opposing religion. Fear can prevent the acceptance of things we do not, or do not want to, understand.

Anonymous said...

What is whistleblower's? Can we not go to that website, for the same information, as this one?