Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brickner Marriage

The inserted image scan is from a recent Jews for Jesus newsletter informing of Executive Director David Brickner’s impending divorce.

It is shocking and saddening. Some close to the Brickners have attested to the Brickner’s marriage being strained for a long time (years) and that also David Brickner’s extensive travels (which he himself, in a recent JFJ newsletter said was a significant percentage of his time) was definitely not conducive to maintaining a good marriage.

Knowing of all too many other JFJ people who have found their marriage imperilled by JFJ - the article reminds us of “closing the door after the horse has bolted”. We have also received a number of emails from current serving Jews for Jesus staff extremely sad, hurt and perplexed about this situation. Some saying how Mr Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus had the Worker’s Covenant changed because he knew this divorce was on the way. One particular insider has informed us that Mrs Brickner did not say what is written in this article.

Read on and make up your own mind.




Because your trust is important to us, it’s my duty to reluctantly inform you that Patti Brickner, David’s wife of 30 years, has told him that she intends to dissolve their marriage. I’m sure this sad news comes as a shock to you, as it has been to all of us who serve closely with him, and we continue to pray for God to heal their relationship.

Our worker’s covenant requires a Staff member whose spouse files for divorce to offer his or her resignation. David did so as soon as his wife revealed her intent. From the outset, David has been opposed to divorce and immediately sought pastoral accountability and marriage counseling. He made every effort to do whatever he could to save his marriage, including offering to leave the ministry to spend more time with his wife, but to no avail. Mrs. Brickner has said that David has been a good and loving husband and wonderful father, and is not to blame for the circumstances surrounding her decision, which do not reflect on his character or treatment of her.

Our policy provides two exceptions for retaining divorced staff: “in the case when a believing partner was abandoned in the marriage or divorced against his or her will .”

The Board appointed a special committee to weigh all the circumstances and receive input from all parties. After much time in prayer and a rigorous decision-making process, we, the board of directors on June 18 made the decision to retain David as our executive director. The board is confident that David is still God’s man and the right person to meet the needs and biblical imperatives of his unique position. We unanimously recommitted to support David’s leadership of Jews for Jesus, as he has done so capably for the past fourteen years. We further granted David’s request to take a full leave of absence for two months and a partial leave of absence for the following two months to devote time to his personal life

We want you to share our sense of peace amidst the grief, that God is in control and that we did what He would have us do. We are determined not to be distracted or hindered from the great work God has in store for us. The Bible is full of stories of people who overcame personal setbacks to accomplish great things for Christ. We are convinced that this will be the case with David.

Please pray for our ministry as we continue a mission that is challenging in the best of times. With your prayers, support and understanding, we feel we just might be on the verge of a great breakthrough for the cause of Christ.



In light of our knowledge that Jews for Jesus is a litigious organization, we would like you to know that this selection from the Jews for Jesus newsletter is copyrighted to Jews for Jesus © 2010 and was received by ourselves directly from them and not via a third party. We are quoting it as fair use so as not to misrepresent this sensitive information. The purpose of the quotation is for informative purposes only and educate those who may be interested. There is no commercial motivation in our quotation.


Anonymous said...

People who have left the Jews for Jesus organization have tried to expose the spiritual corruption of this organization for years. We wind up being characterized as disgruntled ex-employees. If the failure of the marriage of the Executive Director and CEO of this Christian group and the painful characterization of Patti (a good Christian woman who has been neglected for years) doesn't validate the stories of spiritual illness and corruption, nothing will. Why do people continue to support them with their gifts?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that while the worker's covenant is cited, the Bible is not? When I left it was announced to my supporters that I had "broken the covenant." Of course they did not say how I broke it, because that would have made them look like a cult. As it was, my donors/friends could only speculate as to what I had done. Perhaps the biblical command for "husbands to love their wives as the Messiah loves His body and gave himself up for her" would have helped David out. Does the Bible matter to JFJ any more?

Anonymous said...

Wow! JFJ is going to have to do some double talking about this!

Anonymous said...

I am very sad to find out all of this information after a year of supporting JFJ. I hope things were better for the employees of JFJ in the recent years. I recently found out that I am a Hebrew, and after reading many stories about how terribly rude and self centered people are in Israel, It makes me wonder if my disposition is very similar due to genetics? :). However, my wife reminds me daily how much of an A hole I can be and how much I hurt her. I am the leader of my house. I am responsible for setting the mood and attitude for the entire day. She looks to me for affirmation and assurance that her efforts and hard work are acceptable. More importantly, she looks for acceptance and love unconditionally from me.
Being a descendant of a chosen people(chosen to be a witness to the earth of the One True God) I have a larger responsibility to be a servant leader, that shows the Love of Yeshua to, first my Wife, and next my subordinates that look up to me. I dont see how anyone that preaches these things daily can rationalize the kinds of actions I have read about here today. I believe As leaders and teachers of the Lord, they shall pay dearly for these afflictions.

I Pray that David and his wife can reconcile(after he accepts how he has wronged her) and that David can learn from this experience(becoming a true leader in Christ's image) and change the oppression that has run ramped in what should be one of Gods brightest lights. I will resume my support for JFJ when I feel repentance is real, and JFJ management has made amends and turned from their oppressive ways.