Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rambling Thoughts About Jews for Jesus and Ex-Jews For Jesus

This Ex-Jews For Jesus blog has been around for awhile. It has been set so that all posts are anonymous. Writing styles are easy to figure out though. Although this post is anonymous, I imagine many who read this blog know who wrote many of the posts, and can identify the writer of this one.

There's a history of how Ex-Jews For Jesus came about. To sum things up, many who left Jews for Jesus staff, felt hurt. It wasn't until the internet connected us that we even knew others had been hurt. Most of us had just moved on. The hurt stayed with some. Having some sort of support was what some of us needed.

I was convinced God wanted this blog, the ex-jewsforjesus yahoo group, and the Used For Jesus site. Although these "places" are kind of "dead," I still believe that they did (and may still) serve a purpose.

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