Saturday, December 11, 2010

Imagine David Brickner Talking About What's Happening With Jews for Jesus

We can imagine David Brickner talking to the Lord about recent Jews for Jesus happenings:

    'Lord, you gave us instructions not to sue other believers. Chosen People Ministries is not a believer, it is a corporation.

    What about Marcello you ask? Lord, you gave us the names of your children who supported us. Those people now belong to us, not to anyone else. Remember we asked you to intervene and you didn't, so rather than get taken advantage of, we had to sue.

    Oh, you mean what about firing him? Come on Lord, He broke the rules. We asked you to give us wisdom and we felt you tell us to fire him. I know he didn't sign the covenant, but we told him we didn't care if he signed it, we were going to enforce it, don't bother us with details. Come on Lord, why are you brining grace into this, it doesn't apply.

    What about my staying on the job after Patti divorced me after I required others to resign? Well Lord, when I realized Patti was going to leave me, I saw the need for Jews for Jesus to show some grace to people, so I had the rules changed. You understand that, right?

    What, what did you just say, "depart from me for I knew you not?" But Lord...Lord...'

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