Sunday, May 22, 2005

If you see someone passing out Jews for Jesus literature, you should...

In my lifetime, I have passed out religious literature in airports and many other places......thousands of religious leaflets have been passed from my hands and from the hands of almost every former Jews for Jesus worker.

Remind yourself that there is a real person inside the poor souls passing out JFJ religious literature for a JFJ's leaders at airports/street corners/college campuses.

Their lives are controlled and they live in terror most of the time. Most can't live their lives without being controlled and most don't feel there is any choice but to remain in JFJ.

If you are moved at all next time you see a individual standing out in the rain/cold/snow/airport/heat passing out JFJ religious literature...tell them they can leave the Jews for Jesus.

Tell them that Jews for Jesus is not really their friend or family and there is a life outside of Jews for Jesus.

Leaving Jews for Jesus does not mean that a person needs to stop loving Jesus and sharing about Jesus.

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