Saturday, May 28, 2005

We Received a Threat from a JFJ Representative

"So tell me, who's the stalker? You courageous(?) people who supposedly have the guts to 'expose' Jews for Jesus (all done anonymously of course, for fear of being stalked by the 'terrorists' Jews for Jesus)? Or, Jews for Jesus who have no problem identifying themselves or have any interest (much to your dismay) in bothering you?

I know the names of many of the people in this blog site and exJFJ site. If you keep that blog you set up in any way, shape or fashion I promise you I will name all that I know. It's time YOU stopped the viscious slander and time for anyone who comes into this site know exactly who is responsible for it.

Arleen Getzel*
(people with NOTHING to hide, hide nothing)"