Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Letter From an Ex Jews for Jesus Blog Reader

We have received written permission to post this to our blog:

'...How to begin to THANK you, for the link,and the insight gained from reading the Ex-JFJ blogs.I'm glad you wrote to warn about "cult" mind control. I never realised what a VICTIM, my poor departed Mother was. Jews for Jesus had her totally under their control,whilst not really accepting her.

I never realised that not only they had alienated her from us, her daughters, husband and family, they also took most of her money,whilst she was still alive. At least they never got their greedy hands on my inheritance, a bit of a miracle in itself. I only wish somehow, my mother and I had made our "peace" before she passed away, but she was no longer speaking to any of us, by that time, having already (tried) to cut us out of her Will.

Again, thanks for posting those links.

If you even touched just ONE person,(and you did, because you touched ME, and that's not by mistake.........) you have done an immeasurable good deed. I am indebited.'


Anonymous said...

How many older Jewish women in their last years give much of their social security money to Jews for Jesus?

Families are not only torn apart within JFJ, but also due to JFJ.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to receive emails like this.