Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Ex" means we are ex-employees, NOT Ex FOR JESUS

A JFJ Administrator has recently accused those involved with Ex Jews for Jesus of being Anti-Missionaries!

This is a false accusation.

We are FOR JESUS and are EX Employees of the Jews for Jesus organization.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Jews for Jesus considers this Blog an anit-missionary site!


Goes to show to what ends they will go in order to silence and discredit genuine criticism of their policies, procedures and bad management practices that harm people consistently for every day of the last 30+ years.

Anonymous said...

What gives Jews for Jesus the right to call themselves "missionaries?"

Jews for Jesus, Inc. is a corporation. Their own literature state they have no formal ties with ANY church. On what basis do their employees earn the right to be thought of as missionaries?

They ordain each other only for the tax benefits they bring. It has nothing to do with being called. Being ordained by a church is rare and considered "not necessary."

Jews for Jesus cheapens the name for those missionaries who are actually doing the work of the church. Money is shifted away from real missionaries to these actors.

Employees can't find jobs in churches when they leave Jews for Jesus because churches don't recognize what they did as evangelism. So why should they be called "missionaries?"

Jews for Jesus success is based on their high pressure telemarketers....nothing else!

Raising funds is their primary concern. Everything they do revolves around money and image.

Anonymous said...

Liars! You are not ALL "FOR JESUS" or correct me if I'm wrong please. JoAnn, did you come back to belief in Yeshua? And aren't you the one who started this web site? How about Dan? Is he no longer an atheist.

False accusation indeed!