Friday, June 10, 2005

The Light of the Truth

I think this Blog does a great job in providing some objectivity to the entire Jews for Jesus experience that NO ONE ever heard (or would otherwise believe) if this site didn't exist.

Freedom of speech was denied us in Jews for Jesus. Freedom of speech about what happened to us has tried to be taken away from us for speaking out about what happend to us in Jews for Jesus.

Jews for Jesus continues to go to former staff who speak out and try to get them to recant their stories, to get them to renounce their stories, to change their stories.

David Brickner himself and Jhan Moskowitz keep going to former staff to intimidate and otherwise attempt to coerce former staff to not share their stories anymore.

Yet, they (Brickner as the leader of Jews for Jesus in particular) continues to refuse to submit to outside arbitration and review from outside organziations concerning the 100's of allegations from former staff.

It is no wonder they are going to former staff to intimidate them into being quiet about their true stories of abuse.

They are afraid of the light of truth.


Anonymous said...

This is a great blog that I just happened upon recently. Good for you for speaking out (all you who speak out)...
But could you please find someone to edit the entries? The grammer and spelling mistakes are hurting my eyes.
God bless you and may He help you to find an editor. (I'm not being irreverent, this really is required if you want to look serious.)

Anonymous said...


"grammer (sic) and spelling mistakes..."

God bless you and may He help you find an editor to edit your criticisms regarding editing.