Sunday, June 26, 2005

Review of Ruth Tucker's book NOT ASHAMED on

This is one of the latest reviews of a book written about the history of JFJ that has been left on

"I picked the book up thinking that it would be a basic look into the Jews For Jesus organization. Instead what I read was a book trying very hard to convince me of the legitamcy and non-cult status of Jews For Jesus. It is obvious the author was paid by Jews For Jesus to portray them in the light of their choosing, which of course is positive. I have nothing against their organization... but I hate to be lured into books that seem to be one thing but then end up being a whole different story once you get past the dust jacket description. At least be honest and straight forward in your descriptions rather than being misleading. If you are a member or supporter of Jews For Jesus this would be a great book for you; if you are just looking for basic insight that is not dirtied up with payola and bias this is not your book!!"


Anonymous said...

I was interviewed by Ruth Tucker for this book and she told me what the last chapter was going to be about.

When it was edited by Moishe Rosen's wife (how's that for ethics?) the last chapter was changed/removed.

The original final chapter was not kind.

Anonymous said...

Also I've seen Christian dignitaries walzed through JFJ Headquarters. Everything they see is scripted. I could not talk to this person about anything. They look through files that have been prepared for them. They talk to ex staff that JFJ chooses. And to think, I defended Ceil, Moishe's wife, on a blog before as being an unknowing innocent, of her husband's abuses of JFJ staff.

Anonymous said...

Amazon regularly removes negative posts about this book. Many of them have been very informative about the inner workings of Jews for Jesus and how horrible that organization is to it's staff.