Monday, December 06, 2010

So Much Sadness In Jews for Jesus

In the spring of 2010, Moishe Rosen died.

Shortly after that, it was then announced that Jews for Jesus' Executive Director, David Brickner, is getting a divorce.

In 2008, Baruch Goldstein, one of of the Jews for Jesus founders, passed away.

Now we've heard that Holly Meyer, the wife of Jews for Jesus Los Angeles' Branch Leader, Stan Meyer, is very, very ill with a horrible progressive illness that leads to a slow death.

Today, we are thinking about Ceil Rosen, Ruth Rosen, Lyn Rosen Bond, (and Moishe's grandchildren), Patti Brickner (and David and Patti's children), Baruch Goldstein's widow, his children, and his brother Efraim Goldstein.

Also, our prayers are with Holly and Stan Meyer and their adopted daughter.

Although some of us involved in Ex Jews for Jesus remember things about Jews for Jesus that may be unpleasant, we do remember that those in Jews for Jesus once were our family.

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