Friday, December 03, 2010

Star Wars Parody: The Ex-JFJ vs Jews for Jesus SAGA Resumes

(Note: This parody may only make sense to those who have been involved with Ex Jews for Jesus in the past. Can you recognize who some of the characters or places represented?)

(Disclaimer: None of this is meant to hurt anyone. It just adds some humor to something that is actually very serious. Ex Jews for Jesus' purpose is to support those who have been hurt. Laughing once in awhile is needed!)

The Ex-JFJ vs Jews for Jesus Saga RESUMES

The times of peril in the Galaxy continue....

Jabba the Mo has died
Darth B's marriage has ended

The Borg Queen temporary took the throne
But some of the clone generals decided that Darth B should continue to control the Empire

Darth B's queen has fled, but his offspring are still involved with the Empire
The Empire may be crumbling

For many years, most of the rebels were in hiding
A remnant of the destroyed Rebel Base did remain
They are now leaving their hiding places

A New and Secret Base now exists

The spell Darth B and his Queen put on the Princess has been broken
The Princess and her banished First Advisor have reunited and joined forces
Some of rebel soldiers are waiting....

The SAGA resumes!

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Anonymous said...

The "Princess" is on a spiritual search at this time, and so now, the "Saga" is on hold....What's the point anyway? This is an old battle....