Friday, February 04, 2005

Israeli Messianic Jewish view of JFJ

When I have chance to mix with Messianics here in Israel,
I have told some that I was once involved with the Jews for Jesus cult.

100% of those I have spoken to seem to agree that JFJ is a cult with no prompting from me...
must be the great face that JFJ cannot put on to all the churches here!


Anonymous said...

i have distinct memories of speaking to leaders of the UMJC and MJAA about Jews for Jesus. They described Jews for Jesus as the "big white elephant in the living room" that everyone tried to ignore, but every wished would go away!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's kind of embaressing to walk round the streets of Israel - trying to be a "light" to your "non-believing" friends and having some alien culture cult thrusting tracts into your hand.