Friday, February 25, 2005

Pain Training

The following is on a public JFJ discussion board:

"In a biographical book about the founder of Jews for Jesus, I read a section which refers to this 'pain training'. I am not a staff member with Jews for Jesus but I was actually very interested. The truth is, as a Jewish believer, when I first accepted the Lord, simply saying to my fellow Jews that I believed Jesus is the prophesied Messiah caused some in their anger to spit on me or some to even hit me. This is very unusual but there are a few who do react with this level of anger. As people, our automatic reaction to pain (being hit), psychology is 'fight or flight'. As a believer in Jesus, neither is a satisfactory reaction. I want to be able to share about Jesus without worrying about reacting with either a fight or flight should someone get angry and hit me. So, my understanding is Jews for Jesus as part of the training used to have one time where they slapped their missionaries. The missionaries were then told to think about how that hurt, index the pain level between 1-10, and then if someone on the street hit them, they should compare that pain to the pain they felt from the slap. This took the fight of flight reaction to the other side of the brain to one of analysis. While, Jews for Jesus according to the book, no longer uses the slap, they do explain the process of comparison. This 'pain training' and learning about it has been a great blessing to me. I understand that this is a technique used by others who wish to reach out to those who may react violently. It was a technique used by such peaceful people as Gandhi so that he might face pain. Again, we are talking about very few people who would react violently but the NT says that no one will be neutral about Jesus. As a believer in Jesus, I want to thank Jews for Jesus for teaching me this technique so I can share the gospel peacefully, with my own people. "


Anonymous said...

It is horrible to know that once JFJ did allow missionaries to be slapped and hit as part of their training.

Howard said...

I've been telling my wife for years that there is no such thing as jews for Jesus..You are either a Jew or you are a Christian..there is no grey in between..This Blog has proven My Point..This organization is a fraud from the start by using a worthy name to commit mayhem throughout the christian world..

Anonymous said...

I love the spiritualized defense of pain training. Sounds like a battered wife defending her husband.

Let's see if anything can be justified using this reasoning.

I love to share Y'shua with my Jewish people. My inclination to react to hostility (however rare) is to act up in pride and get defensive.

So I'm thankful that Moishe used to humiliate me in front of my peers. That way, pride could never get in my way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting. Please don't confuse Jews who believe in Jesus with the organizaton Jews for Jess. They are completely different animals!

There are 1000's of Jews who believe in jesus who have never worked for and don't even like Jews for Jesus (the organization).