Saturday, February 19, 2005

JFJ and their former staff

When someone has completed their term of United States military service honorably, they are given a discharge certificate that says "honorable". They are know as "Veterans" and are treated with respect. Former JFJ staff deserve nothing less than to be treated with respect and not as traitors.
People who are on staff still should not "shun" ex staff, which is a cult-like activity. The universal excuse is now JFJ staff is "too busy", but it is obvious what is happening.
Worse yet, former JFJ staff members have been persecuted by vindictive JFJ leaders who tried to get them fired from new jobs, ruin their reputations and interfere with their marriages. Even though people gave three months notice to the organization that they were quitting, it is still difficult to leave without some sort of scene being made and being labeled as having left "not on good terms". This behavior has made having the name "Jews for Jesus" on your resume a detriment rather than the asset it should be.
The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard all can release people from service with dignity, so why can't JFJ?

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Anonymous said...

I was someone considered to have left "honorably" until I decided to work for an organization Jews for Jesus considered competition. From that point on I was considered a traitor and no one in the organization would talk to me. There was even an official letter that went out to staff and donors insinuating I had committed some kind of sexual sin and not fit for service in the Kingdom of God any longer.