Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Let's read the bible together

All new missionary trainees in JFJ had to read the bible outloud every morning at 7:00 AM on the phone for a period of one year.

This actually sounds nice! It is a great idea to have morning devotions and read the bible!


.... there were problems with this idea when done under JFJ's rules.

Even on your day off (after working a 70 to 80 hour week), you were required to set your alarm for 7:00 AM and have the bible and phone next to your bed and get woken up to read the bible outloud with your supervisor reading every other verse outloud with you for at least a half hour.

Doesn't it seem like a punishment to have to wake up at 7:00 AM to read the bible even on your day off? What would have been wrong with sleeping in and reading the bible by yourself on that day? Or what would be wrong with getting a day off from any contact with JFJ and just being on your honor and reading the bible by yourself and maybe even taking the time to think about what you read?

Soon, reading the bible became tedious since you are not allowed to comment on anything that may have put joy into reading the bible.

If you did interject with any thoughts, you are reprimanded and told to get back to reading outloud like a child in an elementary school classroom.

So reading the bible became torture for some thanks to Jews for Jesus.


Anonymous said...

During JFJ's Summer Witnessing Campaign, I had to keep reading the bible.

7:00 AM was too late since we started much earlier on Campaign to go out on the streets, so I had to read the bible outloud with another missionary in training at 5:30 AM every morning during that period.

So mandatory reading of the bible outloud every morning at 5:30 AM really was punishment during Campaign from my point of view.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bible reading in the morning. My so called leader had the bright idea that (to save time) we would read the bible together while we drove to the JFJ office... it got a bit hairy if the reader was also the driver!

Anonymous said...

what did you expect rosen to have you read, the koran?
besides, by having you read to each other, you would have to get up early and not sleep too much. if you needed more than four hours of sleep a night, you had a spiritual problem.
did any of you buy bible tapes and play those in the car? then you could of had a professional do the reading for you.

Anonymous said...

Uh uh, Bible tapes are not permitted unless you are travelling to a church with more than 2,000 in attendance or driving in some type of Lincoln vehicle.

Uh that time will, uh, count 1/3 toward your reading goals.

Anonymous said...

wE WERE Actually supposed to get something out of reading the Bible with our Jews for Jesus missionary trainer or branch leader who verbally abused us multiple times each day, and they actually thought we got more "holy" out of reading the Bible with that person?