Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Have you ever read the book THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY?

In the story, a beautiful man gets a portrait painted of himself. Yes...he was handsome.

Although the man was beautiful on the outside, on the inside, he was evil.

Every time he did an evil act, a wrinkle or scar would appear on his portrait. Eventually, the portrait became so hideous that he had to hide it.

But the man stayed looking beautiful.

JFJ is like that portrait. On the outside, JFJ still looks beautiful, but the inside is filled with something bad. Those ugly scars are never shown to the public.

Now, the bad is is showing up here, on this Ex Jews for Jesus Blog, on the Ex Jews for Jesus Website, and across the internet. More and more "ugly wrinkles" are appearing on JFJ's flawless portrait. The PICTURE OF JEWS FOR JESUS is no longer hidden and buried away.

Every time we log into this blog, it seems like a new ugly "wrinkle" is exposed.



Anonymous said...

You have obviously not been reading or you are ignoring my posts. Go to mental stability, salaries and rehearsed presentations.
arleen getzel (one who isn't afraid to post her name)

Anonymous said...

Arleen: I am surprised at your comment about not being afraid to post your name. There is nothing in your postings that would cause JFJ to use legal and byzantine social means to come after you or your reputation. On the other hand, those whose postings are critical of JFJ know from experience that they must do what they can to prevent the Wrath of the Firm. Your comment is neither an occasion for self-congratulation nor for castigation of those of us who wisely remain anonymous. In fact, that we do NOT post our names should cause readers to wonder what it is about Jews for Jesus that we are *unanimously* afraid of.

Anonymous said...


I read your posts. You seem very distressed. You seem upset more than the issues deserve, and seem to be making many assumptions. Do you have a hidden agenda?

If so please lay your cards on the table.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, When you set up your own blog, some would appreciate your full and detailed account of how your experiences working for the organization. Did you really leave a job in one city to go work in another city, and then get fired? If you did get fired, what happened to you afterwards? What were the circumstances that led to you being such an outspoken mouthpiece for the organization?