Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Jews for Jesus Fairytale

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful Jewish princess. One day this beautiful princess was told that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and became a believer in Yeshua.

The beautiful princess loved Jesus and loved God. One day, she met a handsome Jewish prince, who also believed in Jesus.

Soon the two were married and it seemed that they would live happily ever after. They spent most of their time sharing their love for Jesus with everyone they met. Joy filled their lives and was passed to everyone around them.

One day, they were told that there were others who were Jewish who believed in Jesus. They met a group of traveling minstrels who sang Messianic Jewish music. There was something about the group that attracted them and soon the Jewish princess and her prince went to the knight who led the music team and asked how they too could share Yeshua.

The brave knight told them that their music did come from God, but was really centered around the wishes of a powerful king who was head of a kingdom called Jews for Jesus.

The ruler of that kingdom was all powerful and all subjects living in his dominion were in awe and in fear of him. Some noble young men had tried to divide the kingdom at times, but had not been successful.

Soon the prince and princess traveled to the Jews for Jesus kingdom and became part of the Jews for Jesus empire.

Life changed for them after that. First, they were told that their deep love for one another was wrong. They were separated as much as possible. As time passed, sharing about Jesus became tedious.

One day, the beautiful princess was banned from the Jews for Jesus kingdom and locked in a tower. She pleaded with her handsome prince to rescue her, but he'd been taken over by an evil spell that one of the powerful ruler's men had put on him.

Several years passed. One day, the beautiful Jewish princess escaped from the tower and broke the spell that had taken over her prince. The two fled from the Jews for Jesus kingdom together and began a new life.

Did our princess and prince live happily ever after?

The answer to that question is YES and NO.

Yes, our heroine and hero escaped from the control of the bad Jews for Jesus ruler. Life free from that control could have been a ticket to happily ever after; however, the two never forgot the years of their lives that were given and lost to the powerful king of Jews for Jesus.



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Anonymous said...

Here's another true Jews for Jesus fairy tale:

A female single JFJ missionary was about to leave JFJ.

When a JFJ executive got word of this, she was given a year off in the land of her dreams.

If she met and married a Jewish believing prince charming before the year was out, she didn't have to return to Jews for Jesus and commit her life forever to being single and to the organization.

All JFJ staff who stayed in the United States anxiously waited for her return as her year off neared its end. Some really missed her. Others wanted her to be back in the bondage that they lived in and did not want her to be free.

Well, guess what? She DID meet and she DID marry "Prince Charming" and she moved to another country and "seemed to live happily ever after."