Thursday, March 17, 2005


Some may say spiritual abuse is just a few weak individuals not being able to handle the pressures of a high-powered Ministry. Those same critics might say that children sexually abused by pedophiles just couldn't handle adult love.

But Microsoft has a strong autocratic leader and he's all right. Or is he? Look at his unfair, anti competitive business practices. Hmmm, look at IBM. They are creative, innovative, and acceptable to the Bible Belt. But just because something seems good, or okay to the casual observer, does not mean that it is Kosher on the inside.

But Moishe is such a talented, powerful, and charismatic leader. And Michael Jackson is such a likable performer, and he wouldn't do anything wrong. Why would he? He could have everything he could want by proper means.

Look at the complainers, the whiners, the disgruntled. Look they can't get over it. Why don't they just forgive and forget? If Jesus was sexually abused, He would forgive. If His mother was raped, He would forget. An organization can't sin. All we lost was 20 years of our life that we believed were in service of the Holy One, and it was just building an empire for the Rolly Polly One. Missing family milestones, neglected spouses, never allowed a satisfaction in our work. If we spoke the truth inside or outside The Ministry we couldn't work in other Ministries, or in the "secular world."

We trusted totally; could only have Ministry friends, live in approved places, assigned to specific cities, worked so much we could not even keep up a hobby. We lived, ate, drank, slept, hated, shunned, the way we were told. After a couple years, objectivity disappears. Constantly tested for loyalty, deference to higher ups, willingness to do the ridiculous, and humility (by humiliation).

The workers covenant say the executive director is always right. The board of directors was composed of the executive director, his compulsively loyal companion, and trusted Religious leaders, who get lavish perks, and make thousands off the sales of their theological books, by means of the executive director. Hardly checks and balances.


Anonymous said...

This was a very good summary encapsulating what Jews for Jesus is--in a nutshell.

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is an organization that appears one way to those on the outside but has an abusive, destructive side known by those who have worked there.

Anonymous said...

You liken yourself to a child who has been abused by a pedophile?

How incredibly absurd! Doesn't say much about you does it? What you are saying is that you are a weak, innocent child who had no responsibility or choice in your experience with JFJ. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

To the above commenter:

You sure like attacking individuals; you give a perfect example of the way JFJ attacks individuals.

Thank you for posting since every knock is a boost you know!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Jews for Jesus cult lover who commented on this thread:

The comment is SO TYPICAL of JFJ! Always the abusers continue to attack the abused and say that something is wrong with the over 300 people that experience and continue to experience abuse through JFJ. Always the abusers attack the people that speak out.

Jews for Jesus and its leaders and lovers continue to evaluate personality after personality and look for weaknesses in each person who left JFJ.

So, readers of this blog, when you read comments attacking those who have left Jews for Jesus and those who have been brave enough to speak out about what Jews for Jesus did and continues to do, know that the attacks are just another example of the abuse that we experienced while working for Jews for Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Moishe and Brickner and others trained by them LOVE to be able to say they can evaluate your personality, they can tell what kind of person you are.

Rosen especially, would sit accross the desk or table from you and tell you all about yourself, even if he just met you. He wasn't usually right about a lot of things, but you didn't dare say anything because he was the great sage Moishe Rosen, the supreme commander of all things HOLY , the FOUNDER of Jews for Jesus of whom you can never say, "The Emperor's New Clothes are Beautiful!"

Elephants in the room...

Anonymous said...


Jews for Jesus is ALL about Loyalty.

Loyalty to the head leaders, loyalty to the organization. But, if you try to say the "organization" needs to apologize and reform, they say, "organizations can't apologize and don't abuse."


I think disloyalty to Jews for Jesus is loyalty to God.