Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Verbal attacking former Jews for Jesus staff

Isn't it amusing that an Ex Jews for Jesus blog article posting documentation of Jews for Jesus cult leadership training ends up being responded to by attacks on former staff, rather than a discussion about the article and the document?

The first attack attacked the length of the post. The 2nd attacked the commenter that stood up for the writer of the long post!

Here's an example of what is in the comments section at the bottom of that article:

"For a group of people who are quick to accuse of abuse, you show a high level of paranoia and hostility yourselves. maybe jews for jesus did you all a favor by hiring you and are now paying for taking such a risk. no doubt there were things done that were not perfect, but the door you walked in to get hired opened up the other way if you wanted to leave. maybe you should go back to the psychologist and work through your issues before hiding behind a public blog site."

This comment is SO TYPICAL of JFJ! Always the abusers continue to attack the abused and say that something is wrong with the over 300 people that experience and continue to experience abuse through JFJ. Always the abusers attack the people that speak out.

Jews for Jesus and its leaders and lovers continue to evaluate personality after personality and look for weaknesses in each person who left JFJ.

So, readers of this blog, when you read comments attacking those who have left Jews for Jesus and those who have been brave enough to speak out about what Jews for Jesus did and continues to do, know that the attacks are just another example of the abuse that we experienced while working for Jews for Jesus!



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Anonymous said...

I became vaguely familiar with J4J once I started learning more about Israel, the Messianic movement, Jewish roots of Christianity, and related topics years ago, but I never thought much about them until I attended an event a few years ago which some of the J4J higher ups also attended. I didn't converse with any of them, but a former J4J person who left to begin his own Christian ministry and is still obviously on good terms with the organization was sitting near me with his assistant. I was shocked at how rude and nasty this person was to his assistant, particularly after something wasn't done that he felt should have been done. He couldn't yell in this situation, but he berated the young man nonetheless. I could not believe my ears. I know we are all fallen sinners and far from perfect, but wouldn't you a think Christian leader at a Christian event would be on his best behavior, even if he really is a hypocrite on his own turf? Beyond that, shouldn't a Christian ministry head have enough sense to understand that this kind of behavior is unacceptable in any context?

This guy had no compunction or embarrassment whatsoever about his manner. He's supposed to be an evangelist and experienced missionary to the Jews, but I wouldn't let a seeking Jewish friend within a thousand miles of him. The incident made a very bad impression on me, and made me start to wonder if the Jewish community had good reason to call J4J a cult.