Sunday, March 06, 2005

Jews for Jesus stretched/changed its people

One thing Jews for Jesus did was stretch us; that is, we were forced to do things we didn't think were possible. These things seemed as if they were good things at the time and those of us who did serve with Jews for Jesus do look back at how JFJ molded us with some amazement at times.

Not always did we want to change; however, JFJ felt that making us "new creatures in Christ" had to be done in order for us to be "more like Moishe Rosen and other JFJ leaders." (Not more like Jesus.)

Some of us had never done public speaking, and amazed family and friends when they saw us doing Christ in the Passover presentations in churches filled with hundreds of people.

Some of us had only worn casual clothes or owned garage sale furniture. Jews for Jesus got us to do makeovers on ourselves and our surroundings. We were given black or grey ministry suits and told to change hairstyles.

Most of us would have never believed that we'd stand on street corners and on college campuses passing out religious literature, but there we were, not only doing that, but doing multiple "sorties" a day. When we went on Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign our limits were stretched to the maximum just like an Olympic athlete. The t-shirts we were forced to wear also helped us make the statement that we meant business and were now really the "new creatures" that JFJ created.

Thanks to Jews for Jesus, many of us mastered computer and writing skills. Those who didn't like talkng on the phone, soon became masters at it. Those who weren't good at details, became detail oriented. Shy people no longer were able to be shy.

Yes, JFJ did change us. Yes, JFJ stretched us. Yes, JFJ took some of our individuality away too.

Most former Jews for Jesus employees remember that JFJ ruined a good piece of clay that only God should have molded and directed


Anonymous said...

I thank JFJ for introducing me to computers!

Anonymous said...

Rosen once told me that he was quite happy to see former Jews for Jesus who were molded into the image of a perfect Jews for Jesus missionary that he approved of them being, move on to head other ministries, especially Jewish Ministries and outreaches, because, "They replicate Jews for Jesus style and stucture, and it is the best form of compliment to my many years of investment."

It makes me sick to think there are a number of other Jewish Ministries out there that abuse people based on the Jews for Jesus model.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jews for Jesus having you improve your casual clothes and garage sale furniture.

I rememeber very clearly hearing both Rosen and Brickner and other senior staff all say that Jews for Jesus missionaries have to live a lifestyle that is a cut above all other missionaries. They have to get advanced degrees, drive nice cars, eat well in fine restaurants, wear the best looking clothes and speak like very smart people, because if they didn't, then the Jewish community wouldn't receive their witness.

What an open door for abuse of funds from Granma Martha in Iowa who really thinks her real sacrifice from her welfare check is going to help Jewish people come to Christ!

Anonymous said...

That's what Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, and all the other fleecers of the sheep and wolves in sheep's clothing say too. You really have to wonder how poor tradesmen, fishermen from Galilee, and an itinerant tentmaker named Paul managed to spread the Gospel and gain disciples of Jesus Christ without traveling around in impressive gold chariots and sedan chairs, and wearing the finest clothes and jewels. I wonder if the power of God's Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit had anything to do with it? No, Mr. Rosen must be right. To impress the world you must look like the world and do those worldly things that impress the fallen world. Right?

J4J sounds like more than a bit of a scam, but they aren't the first organization to make merchandise of the flock, and they won't be the last.