Friday, March 11, 2005

Is it possible to forget Jews for Jesus?

Many people spend years trying to forget Jews for Jesus.

Most former Jews for Jesus staff are embarrassed that they ever worked for the organization. Just mentioning JFJ can start unhappy memories flowing.

A person can suddenly be transported back in time (even thirty years back!) and relive a horrible moment. One can remember being forced to drive in hazzardous blizzard conditions to speak at a church in a far away place or being ordered to do evangelism just after leaving the hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia. One can remember being humiliated publicly. Scenes of things being thrown at them by a JFJ executive enter ones mind. Once the memories come back, more and more memories can return. Sometimes the only escape is to try to forget Jews for Jesus completely.

It's like there are two worlds out there: the real, here and now world and the JFJ world that once took over one's being. You see, in JFJ, the world of Jews for Jesus was/is the center of the universe and it seemed like everything revolved around that JFJ reality.

To leave the JFJ parallel world/reality takes time. When it comes down to it, the JFJ world might never completely be forgotten, but if it is possible to forget, those of us who can't forget may envy those who are able to completely forget their experience with Jews for Jesus......and that is because so many of us wish "it" never happened!

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Anonymous said...

One of the most healty things I do in my post-JFJ life is speak plainly about my experience with them.

I've told my pastors about what they do to their staff and have recommended against supporting their work.

There is an increasing number of Jewish missionaries and evangelistic works and I often recommend supporting those.

Also, there are enough Jewish Believers in my own church that we can bless the church with a Passover presentation that *includes* food and excludes an offering!