Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jews for Jesus Council Meetings

There have been many stories written about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. There were stories that showed these men coming together for a purpose and chanting "United We Stand, Now and Forever!" as they entered the great room where the Round Table stood.

Sometimes when I picture this scene, I remember the Jews for Jesus Council Meetings. Men and women leaders from Jews for Jesus from all over the world came together and sat around something similar to a round table.

From the point of view of a visitor, these meetings appeared to have some of the glory and honor that could have been present under the legendary Round Table of King Arthur.

The JFJ Executive Director sat at the head of the table surrounded by men and women who were considered the greatest in Jews for Jesus. Decisions and discussions on things that could change individual's lives were made at these meetings.

At a JFJ Council Meeting in 2000, David Brickner asked the senior JFJ members present to renew their love for God and their love for sharing the gospel. What happened? Nothing changed in JFJ, but David sure gave a good speech.

It would really be so wonderful if those who lead JFJ could actually renew their love for God and reach out to not only those who JFJ ministers to, but also to those who JFJ has hurt.


Anonymous said...

All I remember about JFJ Council meetings were the matching suits that all the JFJ leaders wore.

Anonymous said...

The food at the JFJ Council meetings was the best quality.

Anonymous said...

About the same time period, I was also at Jews for Jesus council meetings.

I remember some of the senior staff trying to push through a change in Jews for Jesus policy.

The policy in question was about how Jews for Jesus staff were required to pay out of their own pockets to go to Jews for Jesus "Ingatherings."

An "Ingathering" is a christian-style retreat that they put on every year in multiple locations.

The staff pays their entire portion of the bill just like every other attendee, even though they WORK THE ENTIRE TIME!

The proposed change would have let the staff pay the cost out of their mission accounts, which in Jews for Jesus, always had more than enough money in them.

Brickner shut down all discussion rather unkindly. Everyone was opposed to continuing forcing to missionaries to pay out of pocket for an event they actually WORKED AT .

Brickner made it VERY CLEAR that HE was in charge and that the "Jews for Jesus Council" served at his whim, and that they only had as much freedom to make decissions as he gave them. This particular issue? He didn't give them permission. Discussion over.

So much for staff input. So much for a "changed" Jews for Jesus.

Brickner is an absolute monarch, just like Rosen before him. Jews for Jesus as an organization is SICK and needs surgery from outside "doctors." But, this patient won't go to the hospital.

According to them, everyone else has the problem.

Anonymous said...

I used to love talking to the professionals that Jews for Jesus would get to cook for their Council meetings. I would especially love it when those people would tell Jews for Jesus off and stop cooking for their Council meetings.

Those professional cooks got to see the arrogant hypoctits for what they were and didn't want to be arround it anymore.

I won't give the names of the three I know personally. This wouldn't be the best place for it.