Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jews for Jesus does anti-missionary activity

Jews for Jesus missionaries endure plenty of persecution on the streets, both in their regular duties and during various campaigns. Sometimes persecution is by isolated individuals and at other times it is the result of organized "anti-missionaries activity." JFJ missionaries glad bear up under verbal and physical abuse from unbelievers for the sake of the gospel. However, what missionaries don't bargain for when they sign up is the abuse they suffer from those who should be upholding them: their supervisors and other leaders. This is doubly difficult to endure not only because they suffer humiliating verbal abuse and physical hardship but it comes from fellow belivers who happen to be their managers. It is this kind of abuse that causes missionaries to "burn out" and leave the Jews for Jesus organization. This abuse is the true "anti-missionary activity."


Anonymous said...

So, JFJ is really not for Jesus at all.

Anonymous said...

The greatest anti-missionary activity that Jews for Jesus does is harming their outgoing staff so badly that they become hardened and loose all love for telling other people about Jesus.

This is the Jews for Jesus fruit. Staff people who love Jesus less and less over time.

Anonymous said...

Jews for Jesus is the "white elephant" in the living room of Jewish Evangelism that every other organziation and congregation out there wishes would just go away, because they do more harm to "the cause of Jewish evangelism" than good.

The Jewish community views the Jews for Jesus organization as modern Nazi's, and rightly so.

They are incredibly offensive and use propaganda in ways similar to Nazi propaganda.

Other "messianic ministries" just want them to shut up and leave, because Jews for Jesus goes into their communities and ruins years of honest and productive evangelism.