Monday, April 11, 2005

Hope of Reconciliation with Jews for Jesus?

Some of us once believed that JFJ would consider apologizing for all the horrible wrongs committed to their former staff and make things right.

God can work miracles, but sometimes it seems ridiculous to believe such a thing could ever happen!

Instead, JFJ insists we individually go to those who abused us within JFJ and explain we believe we have been abused and to work out our hurts privately.

JFJ just did way too many horrible things to get away with a little private "We're sorry."

Some people have never recovered from what JFJ did to them.

If real reconciation is not possible, what can be done to help those who have been abused besides speaking out on this blog?


Anonymous said...

Even if individuals went to JFJ and shared personal accounts of abuse, JFJ would evaluate the person's peronality and make the individual feel it was his or her fault that the abuse occurred in the first place.

Anonymous said...

A former JFJ staff member discussed the possibilities of using a Christian peacemaking organization with David Brickner a couple of years ago and even sent him a book all about the organization's methods of peacemaking.

David Brickner did nothing with this person's suggestions.

Anonymous said...

They aren't interested in reconciliation...just silencing those who have been hurt.

The fact of the matter is that individual former staff have attempted what was suggested with absolutely no results. Many of the hurts inflicted on former staff were the result of unjust policies perpetuated by those in power.

Anonymous said...

There have been dozens of people who have gone to Rosen and Brickner over the years to seek reconciliation for their pain.

However, what is the point of more people doing this one-on-one get together with each of them as individuals when every year there are still people leaving Jews for Jesus who tell the exact same stories of abuse?

I think this is the main point of which Brickner is blinded.

He reconciles with people one-on-one and yet more people continue to leave telling the same kinds of stories of abuse.

Will he ever get a clue that there is something absolutly sick about the culture and leadership models, teachings and training of Jews for Jesus that leads its leaders to hurt people?

Anonymous said...

Brickner told me that he was sorry for something the organization did that was abusive during the Rosen reign and I accepted his apology thinking that it came from the entire Jews for Jesus organization and its leaders. Later, Moishe Rosen contacted me and told me he and the organization was not sorry at all for the abuse and took back Brickner's apology.

Real reconciliation has not occurred because I do not believe Brickner's apology carried any weight if Moishe Rosen did not endorse it.

Anonymous said...

As the stories of firings and abuse continue to roll in, one must wonder what the purpose of reconciliation might be. To JfJ, reconciliation means people don't say things negative about their organization. But is reconciliation "real" or "substantive" if it lacks love? How can love exist if one party continues to seek to use people rather than to serve people?

JfJ is a user of people. They can attempt to spiritualize or rationalize why they use people, but the fact remains, they do not love people, and have no interest in Christian love. One might look for a real repentance when Brickner, et. al. realize the damage they have done to hundreds of people through their corporate and personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what really needs to happen is for all the senior Jews for Jesus leadership to resign and allow the Board of Directors to be a real Board of Directors. Then the Board can choose new leadership from outside of Jews for Jesus and do a proper review of all Jews for Jesus policies, principles and procedures to bring the organization to proper account for all the harm that has been done to hundreds.