Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ceil wrote....

Someone in Ex Jews for Jesus received this description of Moishe from Ceil Rosen in 2003. Ceil gave the receiver permission to share what she wrote.

"Moishe is not the monster you may have thought him to be. After being married to him for 52 years, I can tell you that he is not a cruel person. He does not deliberately hurt people. He does have a high sense of what ought to be, especially in the ministry he founded. It's called principles to live by. If he ever wanted "control", it was quality control over a God given ministry, not control over individuals and their lives.

Because of the initial immaturity of the hippie generation of people JFJ began with, Moishe may have acted at times more like a caring father than just an employer, but there was never malice intended. I think he truly loved the staff as though he were their parent, and when he acted as such, it was not always appreciated, and perhaps not always warranted.

Nevertheless, any organization worth its salt must have one CEO who can and does make decisions on how it will be run. In any business or religious organization there can only be one "boss." Employees who don't care to accept that leadership are always free to leave. When a person enrolls in school or enlists in the armed services, that individual is bound to follow the
rules. You can quit school; you can't quit an enlistment in the service, but you don't have to re-enlist if you don't want to! Life is like that, full of commitments (marriage, etc.). "

Editor's note: No comment feature on this one. Just one wife's perspective.