Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spreading poison

This is a quote from a frequent commenter to this blog:

".......that's a problem with some people here. Some of you think of yourselves as failures and you blame JFJ for making you think that way. Maybe some did have you feeling that way. ....................... But if you're still hanging on to that mindset about yourselves now, then you can't blame JFJ. We all have things we're gifted for and we all have things we just aren't very good at."

Our reply:

JFJ is an organization that evaluates people and their personalities. Churches do not spend time like JFJ does in trying to size people up.

Poisonous rumors about individuals are spread by JFJ. The assumption that some that post here think of themselves as failures is just another method to the way JFJ spreads poison.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the person who commented that we think of ourselves as failures works for JFJ today or not; the assumption has been spread that certain people that once worked for JFJ think of themselves as failures and that rumor was started by a JFJ executive.

Anonymous said...

Plausible Deniability

The old mantra of Jews for Jesus leadership.

1. Start a rumor in such a way that it looks like it didn't come from you.

2. Cause someone to hurt someone else in such a way that the leader can say, "I never told anyone to do something like that."

It also includes BLAME SHIFTING. Always blaming someone else (often someone who is no longer with Jews for Jesus) for the pain caused you.

These are all standard "cult" tactics for getting people to do things and justifying that "you" the leadership didn't tell them to do anything.

I was watching an older episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 yesterday on Spike, which dealt with such a cult-leader.

There was this woman who had control over an entire population. At one point a woman went to see the commander in his bedroom. He perceived that the woman in the bedroom was sent by the woman in charge of the population. He confronted the woman in charge who said, basically, "she was concerned for you and I encouraged her to follow up on her concern. I didn't TELL HER to do anything."

That is typical of what happened to us in Jews for Jesus. It is called Plausible Deniability.

Don't be fooled by Jews for Jesus' smoke screens to deflect true accusations of abuse. They always through up Plausible Deniability as a defense.

They are guilty!