Sunday, April 10, 2005

All this really did happen.....

Someone was falsely accused of being mentally ill when he left JFJ.

Someone was screamed at in a public meeting for yawning.

Someone was fined 25 cents per minute for every person he kept waiting.

Someone was kicked off the Liberated Wailing Wall bus and left alone in a strange city with no money.

Someone and the chair he was sitting in were rolled across the room by a JFJ senior executive.

A young woman, when she was 22, was pulled over to sit on the lap of a JFJ senior executive (he was in his 40s then).

Someone was falsely accused of lying on his evangelistic reports.

Someone was falsely accused of stealing donors.

Someone had rumors spread that he was trying to destroy JFJ.

A woman was made to hand wax a JFJ senior executive's car when she was pregnant.

Someone was falsely accused of taking drugs.

Someone was relieved of duties for psychological stress with no doctor's evaluation.

Someone was falsely accused of drinking.

Someone found Playboy magazines in a JFJ senior executive's desk.

Someone saw a JFJ senior executive in a pornographic chat room.

Someone had a pipe thrown at him by a JFJ senior executive.

Someone saw a JFJ senior executive throw a chair at a staff member.

Someone was recruited to spy on her husband.

Someone's private confession was held as blackmail.

Someone had false rumors spread that he left because he was gay.

Someone had stories told that he had AIDS.

Someone had his new employer contacted to try to get him fired (because the employer did not get a JFJ senior executive's permission before hiring him).

Someone lost her hearing in one ear due to violent slaps in pain training that punctured her ear drum.

Someone's dentist appointment was interrupted and she was sent to hand out tracts with an unfilled hole in her tooth.

Someone had to sign an agreement to not stay in Jewish missions in order to get severance pay.

Someone's marriage was broken up by the group.

Someone had her apartment searched "for things that belonged to the organization" when she left.

Someone was fired because she did not have a JFJ senior executive's approval on the man she wanted to marry.

Someone had to miss his daughter's graduation to attend a "Council" meeting.

Someone was told by a Board member, "Thank you for not suing... because you would surely win. But if you quote me I'll deny I said this." The Board then "officially" reported in the matter that a JFJ senior executive had done nothing wrong.

Someone was told to work harder when she felt suicidal.

Someone had stories fabricated about him that he went to prostitutes.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive that this senior executive had a panty fetish.

Someone confronted a JFJ senior executive with evidence of adultery in the early 1970s.

Someone lost her position when she discovered a JFJ senior executive looking at porn.

Someone was humiliated when his "firing" was publicly announced at a retreat.

Someone left "dishonorably" because he only gave 60 days notice (though his mother died and he left to be with his father).

Someone was accused of "breaking the covenant" for speaking to fellow staff to defend himself of accusations that he went crazy.

Someone was told that nothing he ever did would amount to anything if he left JFJ.

Someone was told be a JFJ senior executive about his girlfriend's sexual appetite and her orgasms.

Someone was not allowed to contact anyone he left through JFJ to tell them he left.

Someone (a young man in his late 20s) was asked by a JFJ senior executive about his wife's sexual satisfaction.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive how to please her husband sexually including suggesting that she greet him in the nude when he returned from a trip.

Someone (a young woman in her 20s) was asked by a JFJ senior executive about her orgasms.

Someone was accused of having his lip cancer spread to his brain to explain why he wanted to leave.

Someone wrote a popular song on her own time for which JFJ has received all the royalties.

Someone, when he left JFJ, had a letter written to his supporters falsely accusing him of sexual impropriety.

Someone was falsely accused of incest with his daughter.

Someone was allowed to only see his wife on weekends during JFJ Campaign and was directed that no sexual relations with his wife were allowed during those weekend visits.

Someone was falsely accused of plotting with the board of another mission to take over when he didn't get to lead JFJ.

Someone was told by a JFJ senior executive to spank her kids occasionally for no reason just to keep them afraid of her.

Someone had a phone thrown by a JFJ senior executive through his plate glass office divider for being 5 minutes late for a meeting to write postcards to donors.

Someone was not allowed time off to go to their High School Reunion because they'd "already had time off this year to get married."

A well-educated college graduate someone wasn't allowed to go home for Christmas because the supervisor wanted to help the person "build some character."


Anonymous said...

I think quite a few of these "someone" bullets could quite easily says, "many someones."

Anonymous said...

And all of this is documented by evidence *where* besides anonymous accusation on a blog?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with anonymous documentation on this blog?

Do you really expect that each person who had these abuses happen to them would come forward and make themselves vulnerable to JFJ?

JFJ does the greatest job of calling everyone except JFJ liars.

By the way, there are a lot more abuses to document.

Anonymous said...

Not only was Susan targeted by antimissionaries for hatred by antimissionaries, there were many missionaries who were assaulted by various police departments. Usually Jews for Jesus prosecuted these cases vigorously. One wonders how much money each of these people received. How often were missionaries given the opportuntity to go on "risky" ventures with the hope of being assaulted, and then getting enough money in a settlement to be able to put a down payment on a house?

JfJ responded to charges of being a cult the same way that Youth With a Mission did when their cult like activities and practices were exposed. The primary vehicle has been their website. They actively pursued friendly letters from supporters, relatives, board members, and more to vouch for them. This blog is the first time for many of the particular abuses to be itemized. For years their were rumors in the Catholic church of abuse, but the Vatican was able to manage the problem by keeping the victims quiet. But a head of steam built up and we see what has happened to them. Perhaps this blog and others will help build up a head of steam and get some real repentance from Jews for Jesus as an organization and the top leaders as individuals.

Anonymous said...

Reporting abuse by JFJ leaders of JFJ missionaries is not an anti-missionary activity; JFJ abusing their own missionaries IS.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this comment:

"Reporting abuse by JFJ leaders of JFJ missionaries is not an anti-missionary activity; JFJ abusing their own missionaries IS."

Yes! JFJ abused missionaries to such an extent that JFJ did cause several wonderful people to leave the faith. JFJ keeps coming back with "Don't blame JFJ or they never believed in the first place."

What a cop out on JFJ's part!

I remember talking to a pastor just before I left JFJ and he told me to not confuse doing work with JFJ with loving Jesus.

So, JFJ, IS doing anti-missionary work by making their staff think that a lot of work for Jews for Jesus is the same as loving and serving God.

Anonymous said...

I had a number of pastors and others try to "soft warn" me about Jews for Jesus before I went on staff. They would say things like, "you need to be really certain this is what God wants you to do."

NO ONE ever bothered to tell me the facts about how many people have been hurt, the typical kinds of abuse that are patterned, the mind games, the sleep deprivation, the overworking, the control of you personal life -- right down to getting permission to date someone/anyone.

If someone had given me a "hard warning" I am sure I never would have worked for Jews for Jesus!