Monday, April 18, 2005

Mind Control

How does Jews for Jesus control minds?

It happens slowly and in subtle ways.

First the innocent person experiences a sense of belonging to a wonderful group of Jewish believers. Jews for Jesus seems the best of the best and the person wants more of Jews for Jesus.

As time passes, the person is convinced that JFJ's methods are the best methods and the words of JFJ leaders are the same as God's words.

Once that happens, the individuals will do anything and agree with anything JFJ says and does.

If one questions what JFJ asks one to do, even if the directive may seem wrong to the individual, somehow JFJ's leaders get the person to see how wrong even questioning is.

What is sad is that friends controlled by the organization can become enemies. Anyone who questions JFJ at all is looked at as a threat and is explained away or fired.

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