Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Some have commented on this blog that we only post the negative about Moishe Rosen, David Brickner, and Susan Perlman, ( we seem to be relatively silent about the rest, apparently treating them as victims of the system.)

Some have commented that we ignore the positive, or do not see the complex contradictions of Moishe Rosen.

I thought about this, and thought of all the endearing qualities of Moishe, and the strengths of JFJ.

But then I realized, it seemed these were not the ends. Moishe can act nice, but he repeatedly said to the staff that he disdains nice people.

Likewise, it appears his ministry entitles him to do things, that no Christian should be entitled to do, at least with a clear conscience.

So, I began to have the opinion, that his "virtues, and giftedness" was used as a license, to do the most abominable things, thus negating the virtuousness of them.

Do I feel our reporting should be more balanced and fair? His strengths, are interwoven with his unrepentant weaknesses, seemingly excusing him. So I say no, we should not hail him as great though flawed.

I still feel some affection towards him, but this emotion can't blind me from the great wrongs he habitually created, too often excused or overlooked by others, because of his apparent virtuosity.

No one is perfect, but flawed Christians should get better. I was taught the fruit of the Holy Spirit, is repentance, and change. But I never saw change, just entrenchment to protect, and hide, that which should have changed.

I was also taught to discern what a Christian was, who did not change, or grow.




Anonymous said...

Does Jews for Jesus' demand for objectivity means they want to depend on their record to speak for itself? That would be a major shift the normal self-promotion Jews for Jesus is accustomed.

Unlike Billy Graham Campaigns, one never hears from the "saved" after a Jews for Jesus Campaign. Congregations in the area don't report growth spikes after a Jews for Jesus Campaign.

But the most telling witness about Jews for Jesus are what their employees don't ask when speaking in churches after a campaigns. "Has anyone here been "saved" as the result of a Jews for Jesus campaign?" Since they don't expect anyone they "saved" to be in the congregation, employees don't bother to asking.

So perhaps "silence" is objectivity speaking loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

I think this Blog does a great job in providing some objectivity to the entire Jews for Jesus experience that NO ONE ever heard (or would otherwise believe) if this site didn't exist.

Freedom of speach was denied us in Jews for Jesus. Freedom of speach about what happened to us has tried to be taken away from us for speaking out about what happend to us in Jews for Jesus.

Jews for Jesus continues to go to former staff who speak out and try to get them to recant their stories, to get them to renounce their stories, to change their stories.

David Brickner himself and his lacky Jhan Moskowitz keep going to former staff to intimidate and otherwise attempt to coerce former staff to not share their stories anymore.

Yet, they (Brickner as the leader of Jews for Jesus in particular) continues to refuse to submit to outside arbitration and review from outside organziations concerning the 100's of allegations from former staff.

It is no wonder they are going to former staff to intimidate them into being quiet about their true stories of abuse.

They are afraid of the light of truth.

Anonymous said...

I think the previous comment should be a post on this site. Hint, hint.